Spiritual death symptoms: 14 signs to look out for

BY Paul Brian

1. A feeling of giving up

It’s a feeling of not really seeing a point in continuing and being truly, deeply exhausted. 

2. A leaving behind of old philosophies and belief

No matter how sure you were at one point, it seems to have faded away. Your interest and passion are gone.

3. A sensation of losing who you used to be

It may feel like all the former identities and labels you were sure were you are being stripped away.

4. A certainty that you are nothing

In addition to not feeling motivated and losing a sense of who you always thought you were, comes a deep sensation of nullity.

5. The feeling of being unmoored or lost

Those identities and purposes that you previously were sustained and driven by just no longer do it for you.

6. Having no willpower or drive left in life

The desire to get up and become active in your life and actually do something with yourself is at zero.

7. You feel no ability to control your own life or destiny

You feel trapped in this existential merry go round, except instead of having fun you’re nauseous and just want it to stop.

8. Trouble getting to sleep at night

Your mind is either full of thoughts or full of a dreadful kind of nothingness that keeps you awake.

9. Experiences of intense anxiety and dread

Part of the reason for the insomnia is that there are often symptoms of intense anxiety and dread involved in spiritual death.

10. Changes leaving you feeling trapped or confused 

Not only do you feel no ability to direct or shape what is happening, you also feel like every change is an assault or imposition on you.

11. You talk to a spiritual advisor who confirms it

Try to reach out to a spiritual advisor. They will give you deep insights into what was going on in your spiritual life and why.

12. You start self-sabotaging future actions

This ends up creating a self-defeating loop and doesn’t actually do anything to exempt you from the rigors of life and the usual stresses and demands.

13. You start acting courageously or recklessly to just do something

This is the point at which you may take bold actions and go through various soul deaths as you undergo life changes.

14. You feel an intense nostalgia but you’re not sure what for

You may feel like you are longing for a kind of golden past that never even really existed… Almost like you’re peering in on another reality.

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