5 reasons you had a spiritual awakening, even if you aren’t spiritual  

Have you ever had an experience that made you question your beliefs and the very nature of reality itself?

 I was not a spiritual person before until the universe sent me one sign after another, to the point that I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

 Curious to know if you’ve ever experienced the same signs that I did?

 This article will explore the journey of someone who experienced a spiritual awakening and the possible reasons why it happened.

 So if you’ve ever wondered and looked for a deeper connection to something greater, you’ve come to the right place!

But first, what makes someone ‘spiritual’?

What does it mean when somebody says they’re a spiritual person?

Is this someone who escapes to the mountainside, has a belly button piercing and drinks kombucha tea in a wooden cup? Or maybe you imagine someone in a long skirt, wearing multiple beaded necklaces and smells like burnt sage?

These are all but caricatures in the media that are mocking other people’s journeys, so shed your biases and prejudices right now because that’s not what it’s all about!

To be in touch with spirituality means cultivating a connection to something greater than yourself, whether that be a higher power, a higher consciousness, or the divine energy of the universe.

This is the “death” of your ego, where you unlock an awareness of your interconnectedness to all things and the mysteries of a spiritual realm.

Some people practice their spirituality through prayer, meditation, reflection, or connecting with nature.

All of these acts can develop a sense of understanding of your deeper purpose in the fabric of our collective realities.

So what’s the opposite, then?

How can you tell if you’re not spiritual, or at least not as spiritual as you thought?

A person who is not spiritual is someone who does not believe in any higher power or the supernatural.

They might be leading materialistic and practical lives that are all about the hustle and grind. These are people who prefer to live in the present rather than think about the past or the future.

They practice little to no religion and have no regard for the spiritual realm. They might have even dismissed spirituality as a concept.

Who can blame them, right? Maybe their lack of spirituality was out of necessity or a survival mechanism.

With the state of the world today, who can find the time to sit down and ponder “life’s meaning,” when we’re all out here just trying to live another day?

As we go through life, we face different circumstances which lead us to question our needs and desires. And is a “spiritual awakening” one of them?

When we hear those words, religion is the first thing that comes to mind.

When I was younger, I thought that being spiritual meant you should be a very good and religious person. It’s actually more than that.

Most of the time, people experience and expect to have it when something big happens to them.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it happens when you least expect it to and not in the way you expected.

It comes in different forms and at different times; there is no specific stage in life where you can prepare for it.

It comes when you start to see things in a bigger picture rather than just your point of view, and the universe has its reasons for bestowing someone this incredible gift.

So if you’ve ever had one, even if you aren’t spiritual, here are possible reasons why:

1) The universe wants you to discover inner peace

Sometimes, the universe wakes you up with a life-altering event that can shake your entire existence.

They said true growth comes from abandoning your comfort zone and the ruins of your old self.

It could mean experiencing an excruciatingly painful loss that challenges the very core of your being.

I lost my dad recently.

When something unthinkable like that happens to you, your first instinct is to retreat and hide from the rest of the world. Because what’s the point, right?

But in my pain, I found a purpose.

It took me months to realize that if I let my life dwindle and be in ruins, then what were the point of his life and everything he had done for me?

If I let myself amount to nothing and be nothing, then how would that serve my father’s existence or even the ones who came before him?

That kind of thinking led me to come out stronger from desperation and hopelessness, and that path led me to gratitude.

I’ve allowed myself to be grateful for all the good and the bad and take life for what it is instead of something that’s out to hurt me or something that I desperately want it to be. In short, I surrendered control.

And through this, I’m starting to learn to channel my inner peace – the mindset that no matter how chaotic things get, you can still find your center amid the storm.

2) The universe wants you to open up to new perspectives

A spiritual awakening is meant to be transformative and challenging.

And no, it’s not always from something tragic like a loss. It can be from any pivotal and significant event, like moving to a new place or pursuing a new career.

Spiritual awakenings often come from being open to new perspectives or ideas and being willing to challenge your beliefs and assumptions.

I remember the story of one of the co-owners of the yoga studio I usually go to on the weekends.

Before, he said he was a successful corporate executive who had it all: a well-paying job, a luxurious apartment, and all the trappings of success.

And yet, he said he felt unfulfilled, disillusioned and wanted to look for something more.

After hearing about a wellness farm his co-workers visited once a month to detoxify and commune with nature, he decided to take that concept further.

He took a risk and left the city behind one day, traveling to a small coastal town, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

He soon discovered meditating, practicing yoga, and living a contented and peaceful life.

Every time he told this story, you would see the glistening sincerity in his eyes because, after more than thirty years of living in a box and following what people told him to do, he was astounded by how little he required to be happy and content.

He realized he didn’t need all the material possessions he had worked so hard for. Inner peace was more valuable to him than anything else.

And so, after a month or so of deep reflection, he returned to the city, resigned from a very comfortable corporate job, and got certified as a yogi.

The universe also made it happen for him to find like-minded people who wanted “to spread the word,” and together, they opened up a yoga studio. And like what other people say: the rest, as you know it, is history.

He said that people who had met him would come up to him now and say he looked like an entirely different person. Some don’t even recognize him.

But honestly, the version of you that matters is the version that you’re most comfortable with in your own skin. And that’s what an “awakening” does to you. It helps you meet the best version of yourself.

So let’s say you’re well on your journey to meet your higher self, and before you can fulfill that, you need to be willing to explore and shed the things that hold you back.

When it comes to your personal spiritual journey, which toxic habits have you unknowingly picked up? 

Is it the need to be positive all the time? Is it a sense of superiority over those who lack spiritual awareness

Even well-meaning gurus and experts can get it wrong. 

The result is that you end up achieving the opposite of what you’re searching for. You do more to harm yourself than to heal. 

You may even hurt those around you. 

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how so many of us fall into the toxic spirituality trap. He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey. 

As he mentions in the video, spirituality should be about empowering yourself. Not suppressing emotions, not judging others, but forming a pure connection with who you are at your core. 

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

3) The universe wants you to see the interconnectedness of all things

Aside from opening yourself up to new perspectives, you can also gain a new understanding of how the universe works.

The universe is like a single, interconnected fabric, all being weaved simultaneously by everyone and everything that exists – where each and every element within it affects another in some way.

signs youre not rude youre just an introvert 5 reasons you had a spiritual awakening, even if you aren't spiritual  

Also known as the “butterfly effect,” this phenomenon can explain how any action can produce a ripple effect, causing major changes elsewhere.

I was fifteen when I started living alone. I was a freshman at university, and my friends knew I was the “sheltered kid” growing up. I was only surrounded by faces and places that I knew.

Before going to college, I had never left my comfort zone or met anyone from a different background or culture.

For the first time in my life, I moved out and explored the world on my own. It was extremely terrifying but very liberating.

I began exploring this new city and meeting people from all walks of life.

People who were struggling, the ones who were thriving, those who had so little or more than enough.

It was both chaotic and beautiful, but above all, it was diverse.

I started making friends with vendors and kids on the street, adopted stray animals I met along the way, and smiled at strangers I would never see again just because I wanted to brighten up their day, even just for a little while.

So, I was alone in this great big city but never felt it.

I realized that everything was connected to everyone and everything around me and that we were all drifting together in the vastness of space and time.  

What are the chances that you’d meet the people in your life right now?

If you think about the odds that worked in your favor to be blessed by their presence and exist at the same time, you’d be overwhelmed too.

And this realization gave them a newfound sense of peace and understanding of the world, and my worldview had been forever altered.

I knew that wherever I would find myself, I would never be alone.

So, if you’ve ever shared a deep sense of oneness with all living things and a connectedness to the universe’s energy, then the universe bestowed you this gift for a reason.

4) The universe wants you to know the power of love and compassion

But if it’s not oneness with the universe, maybe a different lesson is upon you when you have a spiritual awakening.

I know someone who experienced one of the greatest heartbreaks a person could ever have.

At the time, she was a young, eager woman with so much vibrance.

How could she not? Everything was going right in her life. She landed a promotion, got a couple of investments, was at her peak health, and was about to marry the love of her life.

But then it all came crashing down when her partner of ten years called off their engagement through a text message.

“Devastated” is probably an understatement.

At one point, she said she just wanted the ground to swallow her whole.

She felt lost, with no one to turn to for comfort.

But then, as with all painful things, she gradually healed over time. Sleepless nights became tolerable, and she began to find solace in the small acts of kindness of the people around her.

She was surprised to find that the love she had been searching for could be found in the simplest of things.

She started to appreciate the beauty of life and nature and found that she could find comfort in the little joys of life.

One of her breakthroughs was discovering that other forms of love were also fulfilling and that romantic relationships shouldn’t be put on a pedestal.

She found companionship in her friends and family and even felt love for strangers she encountered.

As she healed and processed her pain, she learned to have compassion for others and to appreciate the love that comes from being part of a community.

She volunteered in charities and shelters with a newfound desire to help others. Eventually, she nurtured a deep and meaningful connection with the most important person in her life – herself.

But she never forgot the lessons she had learned during her healing process, and she is now grateful for her newfound appreciation for the power of love in all its forms.

5) The universe wants you to discover your purpose

When faced with a deep and impactful loss, it can be difficult to find your purpose in life. But for some, this loss can be a spiritual awakening and the beginning of a journey in search of their higher self.

This was the case for a friend of mine.

He felt he had lost his sense of purpose in life after being laid off from his job. He was overcome by uncertainty and fear. He felt alone and lost, with no idea where to look for the answers now that he felt the rug had been pulled from underneath him.

One day, he decided to go trekking. There he was, alone at the mountainside – looking down and seeing how little everything seemed to be from above. His problems started to become insignificant.

He soaked in the first light until the sunrise revealed itself into a beautiful bright yellow.

He said he felt every ray penetrate his body. And on the hike down, as he reached out his hands to touch every leaf and feel every dew drop, he began to feel a deep connection to the universe and to himself as he walked along the rocky terrain.

He could hear his inner voice encouraging him to keep going, and he quickly realized that this was his higher self speaking to him. “Maybe this rocky path is my life’s metaphor?” he thought to himself.

And while he was laying in his comfortable bed that night in his house, he felt a profound sense of clarity and understanding that he had never felt before.

While gazing at the star-covered sky one night, he realized that connecting with his true self and the universe was his purpose.

He understood that his loss had been a blessing in disguise, as it had led him to a whole new world of spiritual awakening and knowing his true potential.

And so, he spent the next few months pursuing his new spiritual path. He went to meditation classes, read spirituality books, and even started doing yoga.

He also spent time connecting with nature and listening to his inner voice, seeking answers to life’s questions: “Who am I?” and “What is my legacy that I will leave in this world?”

All of us, in some way, are on our own spiritual journeys.

Some have started early in life, while for others, it happened at a later time.

Just remember to embrace every moment and know that it’s not a race!

We are all children of the cosmos, and we’re all capable of unlocking the universe’s mysteries with the proper guidance and time.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to get started with shaman Rudá Iandé!

What can you do after a spiritual awakening?

Every listed reason actually has a shared goal: the universe wants to guide you to achieve your higher self!

Spiritual awakenings come in different forms. It could be in a good form or in a less pleasant one. But most of the time, it happens when you least expect it to – but whatever form it takes, one thing’s for sure – it happens for a reason!

As human beings, it is normal to be confused, especially if something overwhelms or terrifies you.

It’s also normal to get lost in ourselves and see things only from our point of view, and I believe that’s an inherent flaw of humanity.

Sooner or later, we are bound to face challenges and fail. Of course, failure is something that no one wants to experience, but what most people don’t realize is that most of the time, failure is what awakens our spirit and pushes us toward necessary growth.

A spiritual awakening can also be understood as it happens when an individual’s ego transcends their finite sense of self to an infinite sense of truth or reality.

In this world, it is easy for humans to get lost in the concept of reality that is being sold to us, especially if that reality works in our favor.

Most of the time, the reality of life is something that people want to avoid. Since not everything in life is in our favor and is controllable, people have tried to find ways to escape. One of the most dangerous forms of escape is substance abuse and addiction.

However, psychologically speaking, being detached from reality can do harm if left unchecked. Not knowing how to deal with different circumstances mindfully will have significant effects on your development as a person and your overall well-being.

Also, not being able to see the bigger picture of things and only seeing everything from one’s own perspective may not only result in problems with social relationships but may cause mental health problems as well.

That’s why, in an increasingly materialistic world, a connection with the spirit is necessary.

how to detach yourself from the world 5 reasons you had a spiritual awakening, even if you aren't spiritual  

The relationship between ‘spirit’ and ‘consciousness’

It’s no question that spirit and consciousness are two relevant parts and factors of an individual’s development. But are these two interchangeable terms?

What does your “spirit” have to do with your consciousness?

When we say the word “spirit,” we are talking about the mental, moral, and emotional characteristics that make up the core of an individual’s identity. Basically, it is the nonphysical part of the person that is essential in human development.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is one’s awareness of both internal and external stimuli such as thoughts, emotions, memories and environment.

Now how are these two connected? In psychology, there’s a concept called “spiritual consciousness.” When the consciousness of a person is aligned with the spirit, a spiritual awakening can be possible.

The famous humanist and psychologist  Abraham Maslow said that to be conscious spiritually not only makes the soul of an individual wise, but it is also a destination that one must achieve.

The idea of spiritual consciousness is considered to be similar to Maslow’s concept of “self-transcendence,” which pertains to an individual beginning to see things from a higher perspective rather than their own point of view or personal concerns.

‘A powerful and life-changing experience’

A spiritual awakening can be a powerful and life-changing experience.

It can bring about new insights and perspectives on life and can be a sign from the universe that it’s time for you to make positive changes.

So, if you find yourself going through this process, how can you make the most out of it?

First, don’t forget to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Notice the thoughts that come into your mind and take note of any emotions that arise. Acknowledge them and sit with them for a few moments. Reflect on them in any manner that you’re comfortable with. I like writing journals or expressing myself through music.

Having a connection and deep understanding can help you process what it could mean for your life and what other steps you can make going forward.

Second, take time to meditate and reflect.

I know it can get a little tiresome. During my first yoga class, I almost fell asleep from the deafening silence!

But meditation allows you to connect with your inner self and can help you to gain clarity around your spiritual awakening.

When I started to embrace yoga and meditation, I found it became consistently easier to silence the noise around me, but more importantly, the internal noise in my mind got weaker and fainter.

Third, make sure to take care of yourself.

During a spiritual awakening, it’s important to take time to relax, recharge, and replenish!

It’s a very exhausting process that could drain you physically, emotionally, and even mentally!

Make sure to take time to get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, and take time for yourself to do things that you enjoy.

As there is a proven connection with our ability to focus on the food we eat, it’s important to be aware that consuming processed food like fast food can produce “brain fog.”

Maybe try to switch to less processed food and eat a lot of greens and fruits! I try to maintain a diet that consisted of mostly natural meals.

Fourth, reach out for help and support. This can be from friends, family, or professionals.

Having supportive people around you can help you understand what you’re going through, and it’s always nice to know somebody has your back in your journey.

Try to connect with people who went through the same experience. When my father died, I joined a grief community, and I found comfort in other people’s stories and insights.

I made some new friends, and while we acknowledged that the situation was not ideal, we had each other, and that was enough to know that we were not alone in our experience.

When my grief was so fresh and so raw, I had to really step back and think about where I wanted my life to go.

And finally, trust the process.

Remember that while spiritual awakenings can be difficult, they can also be beautiful and transformative. Imagine yourself emerging from a cocoon, like a butterfly that will not be stopped from celebrating your metamorphosis!

It might not be now or any time soon, but I hope you can allow yourself to trust that whatever comes – it will all someday make sense.

This is your sign from the universe that it’s time to make positive changes in your life.

The only question now is…

Are you ready to free your mind from limiting beliefs and tap into your full potential?

Join the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê in breaking through the most common myths, lies, and pitfalls in the spiritual world and empower yourself to develop your own spiritual path with freedom and autonomy.

This masterclass will definitely change your life. This is the most honest and impactful approach to self-development you’ll ever see.

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