If your ex uses these 5 phrases, they secretly want you back


1. “I miss you”

When your ex drops this hint, it signifies deep regret and longing, leaving the door wide open for a potential reconciliation if you respond appropriately.

2. “I’ve been thinking about us”

After some reflection, your ex may reconsider their decision, as nostalgia sets in and they contemplate rekindling the relationship, especially when they actively think about you instead of moving on.

3. “Do you want to meet up?” or “Can we talk?”

When your ex reaches out to meet up after a period of separation, it often signals a desire to rekindle the relationship, but it's crucial to consider if that's truly what you want, as reflection and lingering thoughts about you may have led to this.

4. “I still care about you”

Your ex's enduring emotional attachment suggests a promising opportunity to reconcile, but tread carefully due to their tender emotions.

5. “Remember when we used to…” 

Nostalgia, a powerful human emotion, can lead your ex to yearn for shared memories and the chance to recreate them.

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