If you can sense these 7 things, you’re more intuitive than you think


1. Other people’s feelings

Intuitive individuals can detect concealed emotions, as I once did when I sensed an unspoken discomfort in a friend during a seemingly normal conversation, highlighting the value of this empathetic awareness in navigating tricky situations.

2. Deja Vu

Deja vu, meaning "already seen," is a phenomenon that makes you feel like you've experienced something new before, tapping into deeper layers of consciousness and possibly hinting at hidden insights or psychic abilities, serving as a reminder of the mysteries of intuition.

3. Vivid dreams

Dreams, especially vivid and detailed ones, can serve as windows into the depths of intuition, revealing messages from your subconscious, addressing fears, desires, offering insights, and sometimes even hinting at solutions or future events, demonstrating the mind's ability to connect hidden dots and provide solace in the process.

4. Sudden inspirations

Sudden sparks of insight and inspiration, often occurring unexpectedly, are deeply linked to intuition, drawing from our accumulated knowledge and experiences, holding transformative potential in creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving when recognized and valued.

5. The energy in rooms

The ability to sense the emotional energy in a room, beyond visual or auditory cues, is a testament to your intuitive capacity, offering hidden insights just beneath conscious awareness.

6. Unease around people

Intuition can provide a gut feeling that guides us in our interactions with others, helping us sense potential compatibility or caution without making judgments or assumptions based on the energy someone exudes.

7. Connection to nature

Intuition often manifests in our connection with nature, whether it's a feeling of peace in a forest or a sense of communication with the natural world, highlighting the importance of recognizing this intuitive dialogue for appreciating nature's beauty and gaining insights from it.

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