If you can sense these 7 things, you’re more intuitive than you think

I must confess, I never thought of myself as particularly intuitive. 

But over the years, through fascinating encounters with those blessed with spiritual talents, I’ve come to a surprising realization: I possess more of this intuitive gift than I ever imagined. 

It turns out, intuition isn’t just about having extraordinary psychic abilities or predicting the future. It’s often found in subtle, everyday sensations and experiences. 

If you’ve ever wondered about your own intuitive potential, you might be amazed to discover it’s been there all along, quietly guiding you. 

Let’s explore the 7 signs that reveal the hidden intuitive in you.

1) Other people’s feelings

It’s pretty easy to read people’s emotions when they’re painted across their face, or expressed verbally through words.

But we all know that not every emotion is communicated so clearly. So many times people bottle up, mask, or push down their emotions, for various reasons.

And they may be able to trick most people — but not the more intuitive types. Those will be able to feel there’s something more to the situation underneath the surface.

I’ve experienced this uncanny ability myself. One example comes to mind — once, while chatting with two friends, an innocuous question was posed. 

There was a brief, almost imperceptible pause before the answer came, then the conversation flowed on, seemingly normal. 

But I felt a ripple of discomfort from the one who was asked, though there was no frown, no shift in posture, nothing tangible.

And later, I discovered my intuition was spot on — the question had indeed struck a sensitive chord. 

This deeper awareness lets you tune in empathetically to the unspoken experiences of others, and can be your lifeline in salvaging awkward situations such as the one above. 

2) Deja Vu

Deja vu is a French term meaning “already seen,” and it perfectly captures that peculiar sensation of experiencing something new yet feeling as though it’s familiar. 

Imagine walking down an unfamiliar street in a foreign city, yet every detail feels like a replay of some forgotten memory. 

Or, you’re in the middle of a conversation, and suddenly, there’s a sense that you’ve lived this exact moment before — the same words, the same people, the same setting.

You might have experienced this and brushed it off as a weird emotional “glitch” — but it’s actually closely connected to intuition. 

This phenomenon taps into the deeper layers of our consciousness, where past experiences, dreams, and perhaps even unexplored psychic abilities reside. 

Some interpret deja vu as a sign that you’re on the right path, or that your soul is acknowledging a certain alignment with your life’s purpose. 

Others see it as a momentary alignment between our conscious and subconscious minds, revealing a hidden insight or memory. 

Regardless of interpretation, experiencing deja vu can be a profound reminder of our mind’s vast and mysterious landscape, where intuition often whispers its secrets.

3) Vivid dreams

chatgpt and dreams If you can sense these 7 things, you’re more intuitive than you think

The land of dreams can range from exhilarating to completely flabbergasting — if only we’d remember it.

People often recall some main events of their dreams, but can’t remember any details or the underlying meaning behind them. 

When you have a high sense of intuition, however, dreams become a window into its depths.

They often carry messages from your subconscious, revealing fears, desires, or insights you might overlook in your busy waking life.

Sometimes, they even offer solutions to problems or hint at future events, showcasing our mind’s ability to connect dots that aren’t yet visible.

I don’t have these kinds of dreams every night, but I do remember a couple striking examples. 

In one, I was having a conversation with someone who was very important to me in the past. But it wasn’t like any other dream — it was so vivid, I can still remember every detail of the place where we were sitting.

What’s more, the conversation unfolded with a normal feeling of time, with many topics being covered — not the sense of flowing and flexible time that often accompanies dreams. 

Only someone with immense talents would be able to know if this dream reflected something in the real world — but one thing is for sure, it helped me put some difficult memories to rest. 

4) Sudden inspirations

You know how they say the best ideas come in the shower? Well, some people actually find that inspiration can hit practically anywhere.

You might be taking a leisurely walk, doing household chores, or even trying to figure out how to fix your broken charger, when suddenly, a brilliant idea or a solution to a long-standing problem surfaces unbidden.

These unexpected sparks of insight are deeply connected to our intuition. They arise from a place beyond our conscious reasoning, drawing from the well of knowledge, experiences, and wisdom that we accumulate over time. 

This intuitive process is like an undercurrent, constantly running in the background, and occasionally surfacing in these moments of sudden clarity.

If you’ve experienced them, you’ll recognize the most incredible thing about them: their transformative potential. 

They can lead you to creative breakthroughs, life-changing decisions, or innovative problem-solving. 

Recognizing and valuing these sudden inspirations as manifestations of your intuition can empower you to trust and nurture this inner guidance, opening doors to possibilities previously unimagined.

5) The energy in rooms

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt a change in the atmosphere? It’s as if the air itself is tinged with a certain emotion, be it joy, tension, or calmness. 

This sensation isn’t just in your head — it’s a testament to your intuitive ability to sense the energy in a space.

I remember stepping into a friend’s house for a party. The room was beautifully decorated, laughter and music filled the air, yet something felt off. There was an underlying current of stress that I couldn’t ignore. 

Later, I learned there had been a heated argument just before I arrived. It was astonishing how the remnants of that emotion lingered in the room, like a silent echo.

This ability to ‘read’ a room goes beyond detecting obvious visual or auditory cues. It’s about tuning into the subtle energies that people leave behind. 

You might be surprised at how much information is available to you, just beneath the surface of your conscious awareness.

6) Unease around people

People who lack empathy use these phrases If you can sense these 7 things, you’re more intuitive than you think

Sometimes, you meet someone new, and there’s an instant feeling of unease. You can’t quite put your finger on it – they haven’t said or done anything wrong – but something inside you whispers, “Be cautious.” 

This gut feeling is a crucial aspect of intuition, particularly in how we perceive and interact with others.

When I’ve had such experiences, I often tried to ignore it, to give the person the benefit of the doubt and not judge them before getting to know them — after all, we all have plenty of biases.

But every time, my initial impression would turn out to be right. I’m not saying these were bad people, just that they were not a good fit for me and my life. 

On the flip side, intuition can also draw us towards people. Have you ever met someone and instantly felt at ease, as if you’ve known them for years? This immediate sense of comfort and trust is another facet of our intuitive power.

It isn’t about judgment or making assumptions — and it’s important not to confuse it with that. It’s a natural, often subconscious, response to the energy or vibes someone gives off.

7) Connection to nature

Intuition often reveals itself in our relationship with nature. Have you ever felt a deep, inexplicable connection with the outdoors? 

Perhaps a sense of peace when walking through a forest, or a feeling of awe gazing at a mountain range. 

This bond with nature is not just emotional; it’s a profound intuitive interaction.

I’ve felt it myself. Standing by the ocean, the rhythmic waves seemed to resonate with something deep within me. It was as if the natural world was communicating in a language beyond words, tapping into an ancient wisdom that lies dormant within us all.

This connection to nature can manifest in various ways. Some find clarity and insight while surrounded by natural beauty. Others feel a sense of grounding, a reminder of the larger, interconnected world we are part of.

Whatever your personal experience is, acknowledging this bond helps you appreciate nature’s beauty. But more importantly, it lets you recognize the intuitive dialogue between your inner self and the natural world. 

It reminds us of our place in the broader tapestry of life and the insights that the natural world can offer, if only we listen.

Unlocking your inner intuition

In exploring these seven signs, we’ve journeyed through the often-overlooked realm of intuition. 

From the energy in rooms to our connection with nature, each point highlights the subtle yet powerful ways intuition manifests in our lives. 

Remember, intuition isn’t a mystical gift for a chosen few; it’s a natural part of who we are. By tuning into these signals, we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 

So, trust those gentle nudges, those quiet whispers of your inner voice. They are your intuitive guide, leading you towards greater self-awareness and a richer life experience.




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