If someone is truly self-confident, they probably have these 7 traits


1. They’re not afraid to be wrong

In my early career, I feared being wrong, thinking it would harm my image, but I've since realized that true self-confidence involves embracing mistakes as part of the journey and seeing them as opportunities for growth, as demonstrated by my mentor, a successful entrepreneur who openly acknowledged and learned from his own errors.

2. They embrace failure

While working on a major project, I initially felt like a failure when it didn't succeed, but I soon realized that failure is an integral part of success, as genuine self-confident individuals see it as a stepping stone, learning from mistakes and using them to propel themselves forward, a sentiment often shared by successful entrepreneurs who emphasize the importance of embracing failure in their journeys to success.

3. They don’t seek approval from others

Self-confident individuals are guided by their own values, not seeking external validation, as demonstrated in a study by Cornell University showing that those with a sense of purpose are less affected by social media likes, maintaining consistent self-esteem regardless of online approval, highlighting their comfort in their own skin and their prioritization of self-approval over the opinions of others.

4. They practice self-compassion

Self-confident individuals embrace their humanity and mistakes, practicing self-compassion by treating themselves with kindness rather than self-criticism, recognizing that this approach fosters personal growth and strength.

5. They set healthy boundaries

Once, I struggled to say 'no' and constantly overcommitted to please others, but I eventually learned that setting boundaries was essential for self-respect, and now, when necessary, I politely but firmly decline, finding that truly self-confident individuals value their time and energy, unafraid to set limits that prioritize their well-being.

6. They celebrate other people’s successes

Truly self-confident individuals can celebrate others' achievements without feeling threatened, recognizing that each person has unique gifts and talents to offer, finding joy in others' success, and understanding that their worth isn't determined by comparisons with others.

7. They continually seek growth

Self-confident individuals relentlessly pursue growth, unafraid of leaving their comfort zone, as they understand that progress and improvement often come through embracing challenges and setbacks, echoing Tony Robbins' belief that the only impossible journey is the one never started.

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