If someone does these 7 things for you, they’re a truly dependable person


1. They keep your secrets

Dependable individuals refrain from gossiping, ensuring that any information entrusted to them remains confidential, highlighting their ethical understanding and commitment to preserving privacy.

2. They do what they say they will

Dependable individuals prioritize consistency in their actions, understanding the importance of trust in relationships, and avoiding empty promises or abandoning others when unforeseen circumstances arise.

3. They apologize to you for not fulfilling a promise

Dependable individuals distinguish themselves by openly addressing and taking responsibility for their shortcomings, seeking resolutions, and showing a genuine desire to make amends, reinforcing their reliability and commitment to maintaining trust.

4. They will always be honest with you

Dependable individuals prioritize honesty, admitting their mistakes and taking steps to rectify the situation, displaying a genuine desire to improve and earn back trust, acknowledging that they too can stumble while remaining committed to reliability.

5. They’re loyal to you

Dependable individuals demonstrate unwavering loyalty, consistently standing up for you, providing support during tough times, and being a reliable presence in your life, showcasing their commitment to your well-being and serving as a true source of dependability.

6. They don’t lash out at you

Dependable individuals possess high emotional intelligence, enabling them to effectively manage their own emotions and empathetically connect with yours, actively listening, considering your perspective, and choosing their words thoughtfully to foster clear communication and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

7. They give more than they take from you

Dependable individuals possess a natural instinct for selflessness, going above and beyond to make you feel supported, loved, and encouraged, embodying a personal cheerleader who strives to exceed expectations and positively impact your life without expecting anything in return.

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