If someone does these 7 things for you, they’re a truly dependable person

Having someone by your side who’s reliable, supportive, and always has your back is invaluable. 

You know, those people who’ll jump through hoops for you, be the first to show up when there’s an emergency, and help you hide dead bodies…joking! 

About the last one, anyway. 

But before you need them for any of this, there will be tell-tale signs of their dependability.

Small things they do for you that prove you can rely on them when you have no one else to turn to. 

Ready to discover what these are? Let’s get started!

1) They keep your secrets

You’ll never hear a dependable person gossip. It’s not something they’re interested in. 

When you trust them with information, they keep it to themselves. 

We all say things about other people. We all have opinions. But there’s a difference between talking about someone or sharing an opinion and gossiping. 

When you gossip, you spread rumors or share personal information. A dependable person knows doing this is wrong. 

Whatever you share with them will stay between you. Because…

2) They do what they say they will

Dependable people understand that trust is crucial in friendships and relationships. You can’t build it if you say one thing and do another.

For instance:

I had a friend, let’s call him Alex. 

Alex was always first in line to offer help with whatever I needed. But he rarely saw it through. He would ditch me at the last minute, sometimes leaving me stranded with no alternative. 

I eventually started making sure I had a backup in place. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings when he offered to help, but I knew I had to protect myself in case he abandoned me. 

This became exhausting, and paired with other things he did that showed he wasn’t a true friend, I ended our friendship.

Dependable people know their actions have an impact on others. They don’t make empty promises and prioritize their commitments. 

If an emergency pops up…

3) They apologize to you for not fulfilling a promise

It can feel shitty when a friend lets you down. And dependable people aren’t immune to doing this. But how they handle it is what makes the difference. 

A dependable person won’t:

  • Make excuses.
  • Avoid the situation.
  • Downplay the impact.
  • Disregard your feelings. 

Want to know what they will do? And how this further shows you that they’re dependable? Well…

  • They’ll talk to you about it. You won’t have to wonder what happened or drag it out of them. 
  • They’ll take responsibility, face it head-on, and try to find solutions. You won’t have to sweep things under the rug.
  • They’ll offer alternatives or suggest you find someone in their place if there’s still time to do so. 

In short, a dependable person will want to make up for not keeping their word. By whichever means. 

One of the reasons why is because…

4) They will always be honest with you

Dependable people don’t like lying to you or themselves. They will never want to break your trust, even if they messed up.

They also won’t lie to themselves about the impact their actions had on you. 

Honesty forms the foundation of dependability. 

Here’s an example:

My friend Claire once told me something in confidence. After one too many cocktails, I told another friend. This was a huge mistake, and I felt horrible. 

The moment those words left my lips, I regretted it. 

I got up, called Claire, and told her what happened. She was mad at me – totally valid – but still appreciated my honesty. 

If it weren’t for me being honest with her, my credibility as a dependable friend would be out the window. 

Even the most dependable person can stumble and fall. They’re still human and can make mistakes. 

But because they value honesty, they’ll take steps to rectify the situation. 

And the best part? They always learn from it. 

A dependable person will genuinely desire to be better and prove to you that you can rely on them. Because while they’re not exempted from messing up,…

5) They’re loyal to you

things that make someone a truly dependable person 1 If someone does these 7 things for you, they're a truly dependable person

If they choose you, they’re not letting go.

They’ll always want to be in your corner. Whether that’s to cheer you on, support you through bad times, or just ensure you know you’re never alone. 

Do you know someone who…

  • Always stands up for you? 
  • Doesn’t hesitate to be there when you find yourself in a difficult situation?
  • Always offers a shoulder to lean on?

That person is dependable. And chances are pretty good that they have nothing but your well-being and best interest in mind. 

Dependability and loyalty go hand in hand. A loyal person will make sure you can always count on them. 

Sounds a lot like dependability, doesn’t it?

6) They don’t lash out at you

Dependable people have a good level of emotional intelligence. They’re in tune with their own feelings and know how to navigate them in a way that won’t hurt you.

If someone is truly dependable, they won’t lose their temper and yell at you. They will:

  • Understand and connect with your emotions. 
  • Genuinely listen to what you have to say.
  • Try to put themselves in your shoes to contribute more than just a generic response. 

Their emotional intelligence helps them communicate effectively. They choose their words carefully, considering how it might impact you. 

The last thing they want is unnecessary misunderstandings. 

7) They give more than they take from you

Do you have people in your life who do so much for you? Almost making you feel guilty for not doing enough for them? 

I promise it’s not their intention. Giving you more than they’ll ever want to get from you is just what dependable people do. 

They have a natural instinct to be selfless and really care about the well-being of others

Here are some ways in which a dependable person will give without expecting anything in return:

  1. They’ll go above and beyond to make you feel supported and loved.
  2. They’ll drop everything to lend you a helping hand or offer a listening ear.
  3. They’ll be your rock during tough times, offering unwavering support and guidance.

And let me tell you – dependable people do not settle for mediocrity. Their life goals include exceeding expectations and making a positive impact

If someone is truly dependable, it’ll always feel like you have a personal cheerleader by your side!

Do not take advantage of dependable people

Dependable people are supportive, empathetic and will always give you their time and attention. 

Their presence in your life will give you an extra boost of confidence and make you feel like you can conquer the world. 

And while they’ll never expect anything from you in return, you should give it anyway. 

Never misuse a friend or partner who shows you can count on them. They might seem like a rare species, but they’re still human and have feelings.



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