1. Comparing themselves to others

Comparing oneself to others is unproductive and can hinder progress; high achievers focus on their own potential, set clear goals and adopt a growth mindset to achieve success. 

2. Dwelling on their mistakes

High achievers don't dwell on their mistakes but instead learn from them, make adjustments, and move forward, as they view mistakes as an opportunity for growth and learning rather than a reflection of their worth. 

3. Seeking validation from others

High achievers don't let their desire for validation control their actions, instead, they focus on their own values and goals to guide them, and seeking validation from others can hold one back from reaching their full potential. 

4. Dwelling on the past

High achievers know that constantly dwelling on the past won't help us move forward, so they focus on the present moment and what they can do to create a better future for themselves. 

5. Procrastination

High achievers understand that time is precious and prioritize their tasks, taking immediate action to achieve their goals, as procrastination leads to stress, missed opportunities, and compromised work quality. 

6. Make excuses

High achievers own their mistakes to grow, knowing success depends on action and doing the best with what they have. 

7. Focusing on things that don't matter

High achievers focus on what matters to them, pursue their passions relentlessly, make sacrifices, and stay committed to their goals and values, even in the face of distractions and tough choices. 

8. Focusing on what's outside their control

High achievers focus on what they can control and understand that factors beyond their power can influence the outcome of their efforts. 

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