1. Act impulsively

Although impulsive actions are a common human trait, smart people tend to think their decisions through by doing their due diligence, researching and consulting others, and weighing the pros and cons before making important decisions. 

2. Refuse help

Asking for help can be scary due to fear of rejection, but smart people understand the benefits and know when to ask for help, appreciating the additional resources and possibilities that come with it. 

3. Splurge money

Smart people are often wrongly labeled as cheap for wanting to save money, and they exercise self-control, avoiding temptations to spend unnecessarily, and instead save money for emergencies and to lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

4. Refuse to accept their mistakes

Smart people acknowledge their mistakes by admitting when they're wrong and apologizing to those they have wronged, welcoming the lessons learned from the experience without dwelling on the mistake. 

5. Dwell on past mistakes

Smart people understand that making mistakes is a part of being human and instead of dwelling on past errors, they focus on learning from them and applying those lessons to future situations. 

6. Rely on luck

Smart people believe that planning is crucial for success and rely on careful planning to achieve their goals, preparing for worst-case scenarios and having contingency plans. 

7. Blame others to evade responsibility

Smart people take responsibility for their mistakes, apologize, make amends, and learn from them. 

8. Lie about their skills/knowledge

Smart people exhibit self-awareness and honesty by admitting when they don't know something or are not capable of doing something, and they don't pretend to know something they don't just to look smart or be relatable. 

9. Avoid others who are smarter than them

Smart people seek out relationships with other smart people because they have a desire to know perspectives and life convictions outside of their own and enjoy a good challenge. 

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