8 signs you’re dating a high effort man (not another bare minimum man)


1. He makes a real effort

When you find a high effort man, you'll experience a shared commitment and partnership in building a strong relationship, where both of you contribute to its growth and well-being, eliminating the feeling of being the only one making an effort.

2. He’s reliable and dependable

Transitioning from a bare minimum man to a high effort one brings immense relief as he not only invests in the relationship, but also values reliability, consistently follows through on commitments, and becomes the person you can truly rely on, earning your trust and respect.

3. He’s open, honest, and unafraid of a real conversation

For a successful, happy, and healthy long-term relationship, prioritize open and honest communication, addressing issues and conflicts in a calm and respectful manner, as a high effort man will actively engage in difficult conversations, compromise, and work towards maintaining a harmonious relationship.

4. He’s thoughtful

While bare minimum guys settle for minimal effort and take their partners for granted, high effort men go the extra mile to bring happiness by surprising with gifts, planning special dates, and demonstrating attentiveness to important details in your life.

5. He’s supportive

A high effort man is not only incredibly supportive, cheering you on in pursuit of your dreams and providing a comforting presence during tough times, but also remains steadfast by your side, demonstrating his commitment by not running away or leaving you to face problems alone, making it clear that you're dating a high effort man.

6. He respects you

Respect serves as a fundamental indicator of a high effort man in a relationship, as he not only respects your opinions, boundaries, and autonomy but also embraces your differing perspectives while encouraging personal growth and supporting your dreams and goals.

7. Takes an interest

Unlike a bare minimum guy who doesn't make the effort to discover your interests and engage in activities you enjoy, a high effort man stands out by actively showing curiosity in your preferences, taking an interest in your hobbies, and genuinely seeking enjoyable experiences to share with you, making it evident that you're dating a high effort man who values quality time together.

8. He knows how to listen

The frustration of a bare minimum man who simply nods and redirects the conversation without truly listening is a thing of the past when you're with a high effort man who actively listens, seeks to understand, refrains from interrupting, asks relevant questions, and validates your feelings, making you fortunate to be dating a high effort man who prioritizes effective communication.

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