8 reasons people fall out of love  after infidelity


1. Betrayal

Infidelity can change how the cheated partner and the cheater feel about each other, leading to emotional distance and a struggle to reconcile their feelings of love with the betrayal. 

2. Loss of emotional connection

Infidelity causes a loss of emotional connection for both partners in a relationship, leading to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and emotional distance, and can weaken feelings of love over time. 

3. Lack of communication

Infidelity is accompanied by a lack of communication, causing emotional distance and making it difficult to express feelings and work through issues.

4. Insecurity

Finding out about infidelity can cause insecurity and self-doubt for both the person who was cheated on and the cheater, which can lead to problems in their relationship with themselves and their partner. 

5. Loss of respect

Cheating can result in a loss of respect and love for the cheated partner, while the cheater's lack of respect for the partner and relationship can lead to infidelity and further loss of respect. 

6. Guilt and shame

Being cheated on can cause guilt and shame, with the betrayed feeling responsible, while the cheater may experience similar emotions due to betraying their own values. 

7. Resentment

Infidelity can lead to resentment for both the cheated partner and the cheater, as they may both feel angry towards each other for various reasons, leading to difficulty in moving forward and allowing feelings of love to grow. 

8. Different values

Discovering different values can lead to a breakdown in a relationship and make it hard to sustain a healthy and happy relationship. 

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