are you an intuitive soul? 8 signs that suggest you are


1. Your gut never lets you down

Trusting your gut and intuition has helped you make good decisions, avoid bad situations, and take big risks leading to life-changing experiences, even when others rely on concrete evidence to believe something. 

2. You're a human lie detector

Having an exceptional ability to detect lies and pick up on things that are not being said makes you a good judge of character, but it can also be a lonely experience and a curse at times. 

3. You have vivid dreams

Intuitive souls often have vivid dreams that some people believe contain messages from loved ones, signs from the universe, or premonitions. 

4. You feel  a special connection to animals

Animals are intuitive souls, just like humans, and they use their intuition to survive in nature by relying on their senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, and intuition. 

5. You're observant

Intuitive souls are observant of people and their surroundings, even sensing an earthquake before it occurs. 

6. You experience déjà vu

Intuitive souls often experience déjà vu, as they can connect past and present experiences and may view it as a sign from the universe.

7. Intuitively knowing when something is wrong

Intuition warned of danger on a plane through the story of someone who noticed a liquid on the wing, which turned out to be a serious issue requiring a change of planes. 

8. You're a spiritual person

Intuitive souls can practice spirituality through meditation, prayer, yoga, nature or sacred ceremonies to find inner peace and purpose in life. 

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