8 personality traits that make you exceptionally likeable


1. You're curious about people

Genuine interest in others and asking them questions is a rare behavior, and when you show interest and allow them to take the spotlight, it communicates thoughtfulness, kindness, and value, making you more likable. 

2. You treat people equally

Treating everyone with equal kindness, respect, and dignity, regardless of their status or circumstance, shows that you value people as human beings and are mindful of how your actions can affect them. 

3. You're funny (but not abrasive)

Humor can break down barriers and bring people together, and if you're naturally funny and have a knack for making people laugh like the author's grandfather, then it's a great way to be likable.  

4. You're knowledgeable about a lot of stuff

Being well-informed and well-read can make you considerably more likable, as people want to have spirited, out-of-the-ordinary conversations, but it's important to use your knowledge in moderation and with humility. 

5. You're humble

Regardless of success or wealth, remaining humble and not bragging about material things is important in being likable, and your humility can make you an authentic person, which is becoming increasingly rare. 

6. You're authentic

Authenticity is a rare and likable quality that sets genuine individuals apart from fake people, as they are comfortable being themselves and not overly concerned with gaining approval, making them refreshing and unique. 

7. You're worldly

Likable people are open-minded and adaptable, embracing diversity, often worldly, and brave enough to stray from the status quo, but they are also reliable. 

8. You're a reliable friend

Highly likable people sustain their likability by being reliable, devoted friends who offer support and help when needed, driven by a genuine concern for others. 

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