7 traits of people who are truly authentic

BY Michelle Marie Manese 

1. Authentic people are vulnerable

In a world that values conformity, it takes guts to go against the grain. To show up and be seen as who you are.

2. Authentic people stand out

They become innovators, visionaries, or trendsetters. At the very least, they are memorable.

3. Authentic people are aligned and focused 

The keywords to take here are core values and beliefs. It is both the compass and the driving force, authentic people stay true to their set values and beliefs.

4. Authentic people have empathy and are non-judgmental 

Authentic people don’t pass judgment. They know how it feels to be judged. They have empathy. 

5. Authentic people seek learning and accept their mistakes

It’s a continuous process of learning and relearning. And because of this hunger for learning, they seek knowledge.

6. Authentic people are straightforward 

Authentic people have time for learning and time to enjoy life and find new things to love, but what they don’t have time for are mind games. 

7. Authentic people uplift others 

Authentic people live their truths. Is it easy? No, but living otherwise is harder. 

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