7 secrets of women who effortlessly command respect


1. They speak their mind

To earn respect, women must overcome conditioning to be subservient and speak up for their beliefs, even if it can be challenging. 

2. They have boundaries

Women who command respect know when to set boundaries and walk away from situations where they're not valued, as demonstrated by the author's experience with a biased boxing trainer. . 

3. They dress for success

Dressing for success projects confidence and competence, but women face fashion challenges due to harsher judgment and expectations, and can strike a balance by dressing appropriately while showing personality. 

4. They work hard

Women with a strong work ethic demand respect, but still face discrimination and bias in the workplace, making it important to know their worth and ask for what they need. 

5. They take care of themselves

For women juggling multiple responsibilities, self-care is crucial for health, work, and relationships, and respected women prioritize it through activities such as spa days, hot yoga, or reading, understanding that it's not selfish but necessary. 

6. They support other women 

Respected women support and uplift other women, viewing them as allies rather than competition, and use their voices and influence to create a more equitable society. 

7. They’re knowledgable 

Respected women must be knowledgeable in their field, stay current on trends, and overcome male-dominated industry challenges; women leaders prove that women can excel and offer needed qualities in traditionally patriarchal spaces. 

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