7 habits of emotionally intelligent people that foster better relationship


1. They actively seek growth opportunities.

Emotionally intelligent people embrace personal and relational growth by acknowledging imperfections, adapting to support and understand their partners, transcending traditional expectations.

2. They regularly leave their comfort zones.

Emotionally intelligent people grow by trying new things, building stronger relationships through shared experiences, while respecting personal boundaries.

3. They set boundaries.

Emotionally intelligent individuals recognize their limits and understand the importance of setting boundaries to maintain a healthy relationship with others and themselves, demonstrating self-awareness, self-respect, and enhancing emotional well-being.

4. They prioritize self-care.

Emotionally attuned individuals prioritize self-care to improve care for others, adopting micro habits for personal well-being, as exemplified by the narrator's husband who transformed from bottling up emotions and burnout to engaging in activities like hunting and gardening, leading to a healthier relationship.

5. They practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness empowers emotionally intelligent individuals to understand and connect with the world and others at a deeper level, improving relationships through heightened awareness, attentiveness, active listening, and empathetic responses.

6. They regularly reflect on their emotions.

Emotionally intelligent individuals reflect on their emotions to address underlying issues, develop healthier coping mechanisms, enhance self-regulation, and approach conflicts in relationships with a level head, recognizing the importance of addressing internal factors before fixing external ones.

7. They stay optimistic. 

Emotionally intelligent individuals have heightened self-awareness, better control over reactions, and a positive outlook on life, creating uplifting environments in relationships and forming deeper connections, while learning to regulate emotions opens doors to personal growth and enlightening experiences.

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