11 signs you’re a mentally strong person (even if you don’t think so)


1. You take responsibility for your life

Own your life and avoid a victim mentality by taking responsibility, despite past trauma, inherited weaknesses, unfair life circumstances, physical shortcomings, or mental health struggles, without waiting for A, B, or C to happen. 

2. You accept your painful emotions

Accept painful emotions for personal growth, avoid repressing or stopping them, and make decisions from a position of self-acceptance and self-honesty, rather than denying or getting rid of them the fastest way possible. 

3. Your inner monolog doesn’t control you

Empower yourself by creating a positive inner dialogue and seeing through negative self-talk, preventing the inner narrator from having power over your life. 

4. You have a strong purpose in life

Stay motivated by having a strong purpose, pursuing it with focus and energy, and not being captive to negative thoughts or others' opinions, as it gives you momentum and keeps you going. 

5. You use failure and heartbreak as fuel

Mentally tough people use failure and heartbreak as fuel to move forward and become stronger, by not letting these times take away their power, instead channeling pain into productivity and regaining personal power. 

6. You offer respect even to your rivals

Mentally tough people offer respect to rivals and view competition as a way to get better, not feeling threatened or taking it personally, which allows them to tolerate pressure without overreacting. 

7. You don’t take rejection personally 

Mentally tough individuals don't take rejection personally because it doesn't affect their basic sense of self-worth, even though it can cause sadness and anger. 

8. You never outsource hard decisions 

Make tough decisions independently without outsourcing, as a definite marker of mental toughness.  

9. You are able to be friends even with those you disagree with

Make friends with people of different beliefs, even with opposing views, and separate affection from disagreement without letting it ruin a friendship, as it's a sign of mental toughness. 

10. You apply critical thinking even to your own beliefs

Practice critical thinking by questioning assumptions and beliefs, including your own, as a mentally strong person who is willing to examine everything with a questioning eye, even their own core beliefs and values. 

11. You help other people become mentally stronger and more resilient 

A sign of mental strength is helping others face challenges by promoting mental resilience, encouraging them to avoid victim mentality, and sharing personal approaches. 

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