This Woman Is Said to Rival Einstein, and She’s Only 23

Imagine where you were when you were 23.  Were you a fresh college graduate just trying to find your place out there in the world?  Were you just trying to handle a full-time career and student loans?  Well, for Sabrina Pasterski, at 23 years old she is now an MIT graduate and a candidate for a Harvard Ph.D. in physics.  She’s now even being called Einstein’s rival.  At such a young age, she’s best known for her work in extremely complicated subjects such as quantum gravity, spacetime, and black holes.

When Sabrina was just a teenager, she went to MIT to request a notarization of aircraft worthiness for a plane she designed and built.  She was only a kid, but she was designing and constructing air crafts!  She has published an endless amount of papers and gives talks on her personal website at

For being so young, Sabrina has a strong understanding of quantum gravity and through-the-roof analytical skills.  She can explain this concept in the context of quantum mechanics as well.  Not only is she interested in gravity, but she is also quite fascinated by black holes and spacetime.  Because of this strong interest of hers, she’s received job offers from NASA and Blue Origin.

Sabrina isn’t just surprising people with her smarts, but she’s also representing women as a group.  Women are currently a minority in the physics and astronomy departments.  But with more women in the field, this will result in more graduates in these fields and will boost the overall interest in science.  In 1999, the number of bachelor’s degrees in physics awarded was only 3,178, a new low for the field.  But in 2015, the number of doctorates reached an all-time high of 1,860.

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Sabrina is next in a long line of famous female scientists who changed the way women were seen in the science community.  For example, Marie S. Curie is known as the mother of modern physics.  She was a European women who won the first Nobel Prize in all of science’s history.

Ada Lovelace invented an “Analytical Engine” which was made for computing.  She designed an algorithm that calculated the Bernoulli numbers.  She was eventually known as the world’s first programmer!  Lastly, Dian Fossey was a well-known biologist who was extremely involved in the conservation of mountain gorillas.

She had been studying the species and learned their behaviors and actions to the point that she was actually able to approach them without fear.  Her heart was completely in her mission to save the gorillas from poachers, but it was suspected that she was eventually killed by the same poachers she tried to protect them from.  Sabrina is well on her way to adding her name to the list of famous female scientists.

Sabrina is an incredibly talented woman and still has so much to offer at such a young age.  She’s well on her way to being an inspiration to many people and young women across the world with her continued research in physics.  Just as Einstein, perhaps she will change the way that people see the universe.

Now that you’ve read about the modern day rival to Einstein, learn more about Albert’s wife, Elsa Einstein. Or read about Albert Einstein’s forgotten son, Eduard Einstein.

Written by Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Ideapod to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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