14 ways to make him come back by leaving him alone

If you’ve recently broken up with your boyfriend, it may feel like he won’t come back.

However, most men will be open to getting back together if you give them the right signals.

For starters, if you leave him alone for a while, he will miss you and think about why he broke up with you in the first place.

Yes. You read it right. Leaving him alone can bring your man back into your arms again.

Let’s see how.

1) Give him some space

This is something guys really like. They don’t want to get bothered by women constantly bothering them to come home.

If you want your boyfriend to come back, then you need to make him feel comfortable.

This can be done by leaving him alone or giving him some space. It is important that he feels like he is not being judged when he comes back.

It is also important that he feels like you are willing to listen and support him in any way that you can.

This may seem counterintuitive if you are trying to get your boyfriend back because it makes the person who left feel like they have nothing left to offer but time.

However, this can be a powerful tool if used correctly.

Leaving an individual alone for a short period can put them in a place where they will think about what they want and need from their relationship and how they can go about getting it again.

This is especially true if they know it is only temporary and they will return to their partner once they have had a chance to process everything.

So, let him have the space he needs to “cool off” without bothering him. This strategy will do wonders.

2) Don’t be available 24/7

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Leaving him alone is not the same as being unavailable.

It is to distance yourself from the situation by taking breaks and devoting time to your own needs and interests.

If you are available 24/7, it will be too easy for him to call when he wants or to just show up at your door whenever he feels like it.

Part of being a good girlfriend or wife is finding a balance between being available and being available all the time.

To give him space, you first need to learn how to set boundaries for yourself.

This may mean agreeing with your boyfriend that you can only talk on certain days of the week or setting boundaries in your house that will allow him some privacy.

Be clear about what you want in terms of communication and respect, and don’t feel guilty about setting limits.

3) Take it slow

If you just ended the relationship and your guy is still calling you, don’t rush back into things.

Try to take things slow and give him time to think about all of the great times that he had with you.

At this point, he will feel like he lost something. He will miss you and think that maybe he made a mistake by breaking up with you.

If you rush back into the relationship, it will only make things worse because your guy may think that you’re not over him yet and are still hoping to get back together.

If things doesn’t work out again, then you might be stuck in another long-term relationship that isn’t right for you.

Instead of rushing into things, take time to think about why your guy acted the way he did and why things didn’t work out again.

This will help him realize how much he misses you and will make him do everything that he can just to be with you again.

If you rush back into things, then he’ll feel like there was nothing wrong in the relationship in the first place.

Take your time and let him miss what was lost.

4) Take time off from the relationship

After you’ve broken up with your guy, go on a vacation or simply do something fun to keep your mind off him.

Not only will it make you feel better, but if you leave him alone for a while and don’t reach out, your guy will think about what he did wrong and look for ways to fix it.

Remember that men are simple creatures: if they can’t reach you, they assume one of two things.

Either they did something wrong and you want to punish them or something horrible has happened to you.

When a man feels that something is wrong, he will feel the need to fix it and call you.

If you’re not there when he calls, he’ll think about what he did wrong and try to resolve it.

He’ll think, “Maybe I should have told her how much I love her” or “Maybe I should have told her how beautiful she is.”

The more important lesson is that nothing is wrong.

You’re simply on vacation or busy doing something fun and doing it alone.

If you keep thinking about your guy, he will think about you and try to fix things.

Don’t react to him; that will just make him believe that you want to punish him.

Be yourself and he will try to get back together again.

5) Spend time with your friends

We all have that one person that we just can’t seem to make work.

Whether it be because of a long history of failed relationships, or a personality clash so bad that the two of you can’t even stand to be in the same room for more than 10 minutes, the result is always the same: you’re single, alone, and completely miserable.

While this might sound like a hopeless situation, there are plenty of ways you can make your relationship last if both of you are willing to put in the effort.

One thing you can do is spend time with your friends and family.

While it might sound cliché at first, it’s actually a good idea to schedule more time with people who love and care about you.

Doing things like going out to dinner or watching movies together can help you build a stronger connection and connect on an emotional level that will make it easier for you to compromise when you need to.

6) Make yourself busy so you don’t think about him and so you distract yourself from temptation

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No matter how hard it is to do, you need to leave your ex alone and make yourself busy so that you don’t think about him.

If he knows you’re sad and he will give in to the temptation of coming back and comforting you.

But if you distract yourself with work, friends, or whatever activities, then you blank out his existence into your life.

For example, when he calls, let the call go straight to voice mail.

When he pops up on your Facebook and you see that he is online, close down your computer and go do something else.

It’s not easy to do, but if you can manage to stay busy, it will make it easier to leave him alone.

And when you do, it can come back to haunt him when he realizes how much he misses you.

This is an important strategy that you should do from time to time.

7) Be confident.

If you’re not back in your relationship, take some time and focus on yourself.

That will help you build up your confidence by having time to get over it, work on yourself and rebuild a better second half of your life.

Be confident, because it will make him want to come back to you.

When a man sees that you’re confident in yourself, he feels more secure with you as well.

He’ll be more likely to come back to you if he sees that you’re not afraid of taking risks, and are willing to do things on your own.

First, be sure to show him that you’re confident in yourself by being comfortable wearing what you want and doing what you want.

This shows him that you’re confident in your skin, and can’t be bothered with the opinions of others (aside from your friends).

Second, be ready for when he does come back.

Be ready for when he wants to see you again (he will), and be prepared for when he has time off and wants to spend time with you.

Be prepared for when he wants to spend time alone with you (he will), and be prepared for when he doesn’t want to see anyone else but you (he won’t).

Be prepared for when he calls/texts/wants to hang out right away (he will).

8) Talk to a reliable relationship coach

While the points in this article will help you deal with making your ex come back, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about your situation.

With a professional relationship coach, you can get advice tailored to the specific issues you’re facing in your love life.

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9) Be supportive

If you’re looking to get your boyfriend back, it can be tempting to try and force him to come back to you.

However, this is a bad idea.

If you push your boyfriend away and leave him alone, he might start to feel resentful toward you.

He may even become annoyed by the fact that his girlfriend keeps calling or texting him constantly.

As a result, he may begin to avoid seeing you altogether.

If you want your boyfriend to come back to you, there are two things that you need to do:

First of all, be supportive of the relationship.

This means making sure that he has everything that he needs.

For example, if he needs a new pair of shoes, then make sure that he gets them.

Similarly, if he’s having trouble with his car, then offer to help him fix the problem.

Second of all, make yourself available whenever possible.

This means making sure that you are always around when your boyfriend wants to see you.

In other words, don’t be afraid to show up at his house unannounced.

10) Ignore his texts and calls from time to time

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You can also use this strategy. If you’re going to leave your ex alone, this idea is especially effective.

When responding to his texts and calls, ignore them. If you want, ignore him for a few days straight.

Make sure your phone is on silent and ignore it even if you know it’s him. When he texts or calls you, don’t reply right away, and if by chance you do, don’t talk on the phone for long.

If it’s urgent, he’ll call. When you reply to him, be light with the conversation. Don’t open up to him about your feelings and don’t give him an inch either.

If he is trying to get back together with you, chances are he will be sending you lots of texts or calling you.

The more calls and texts he sends, the more desperate he will seem and the catchier this trick will be.

This can be a way for him to see how much he really misses you and wants to come back.

Guys love having their egos stroked and if you give him space for a time to miss you and think about why he broke up with you in the first place, then this will work well too.

11) Keep the distance

Distance works in two different ways.

When you first break up with your guy, he may want to stay close because he’s sad.

But if you leave him alone for a while, he will miss you and want to spend time with you again.

After all, people miss what they can’t have. If your guy can’t reach you and get to see you, he will start thinking about why and wondering how to fix it.

If you’re not around when he calls, he will be wondering why you stopped returning his calls.

He will start thinking what it is about him that is wrong and try to fix it.

He might say, “Maybe I did something too soon and she ended the relationship because she was afraid to get hurt again.”

Again, don’t react to this. Simply ignore him until he stops calling.

If you react to his calls, he will feel that you want to punish him.

Again, nothing is wrong. You’re just having fun without him and he is the one who has to give in and make it up to you.

Call him back when you have time and say that you are busy at the moment, but you miss him and want to be together.

That leads us to the second reason why distance works. It makes him feel insecure about a future without you.

If he’s far away, he’ll have time to think that a future without you is not worth it. He’ll realize that if he lets you go, then he’ll never see you again.

12) Have a new guy on the side

Hold off on dating other guys and keep them at arm’s length.

If your guy thinks that you’re having fun with someone else, he will try to find ways to make you miss him and get close again.

He wants his girl to himself so if he sees another guy trying to get close to you, it will make him jealous and try harder to get you back.

Holding off on dating other guys will also make your ex-boyfriend feel insecure because he won’t know if you’re going out with another guy or not.

If he sees you with another guy, he will start thinking that it’s possible that you don’t really love him anymore.

You see, jealousy is a healthy emotion because it makes your man feel protective of you.

He’ll feel like he needs to be the first one to make things right again.

So if he sees another guy trying to get close to you, his ego will make him try harder to get you back and save the relationship.

It’s more important for him that he gets his girl back than for you to date a new guy or two.

13) Be yourself

Be yourself.

If you do things in a way that makes your boyfriend feel uncomfortable, he will likely stop doing them, too.

He may even leave you.

Be yourself and let him know that you don’t want to change who you are.

That’s what will make him realize that there is something wrong with the relationship and he needs to work on it.

He may not have been able to see it before, but now it’s very clear to him.

If he doesn’t like the way you dress or act, or if he only wants one thing from you, then maybe you should rethink why you are in this relationship in the first place.

If he is only interested in sex, then it might be time to move on.

Hooking up with someone else is never easy, but if you make sure that hooking up is just about having fun and nothing more, then eventually the excitement of being with someone new will wear off and you will both be able to start feeling comfortable with each other again.

14) Give him some time

jumpstory download20220723 145608 14 ways to make him come back by leaving him alone

There are many ways to make your boyfriend come back, including giving him some time.

Most men will grow tired of being left alone and start missing their partner.

A good way to get him back is to give him some space.

This can include leaving him alone for a few hours or even for the night.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that if he hasn’t called or texted you within an hour, it’s safe to assume he doesn’t want to talk.

If he’s not ready to come back yet, give him some time. Don’t force him into it by calling him repeatedly or feeling upset about it.

If you want your boyfriend to come back, you need to give him some space so he can think clearly and decide what he wants.


When you break up with your boyfriend, the best way to keep him interested is to show him that you’re moving on.

By this, you want to let him know that you’re not willing to settle down with him and start a long-term relationship—even if he does.

Maybe you’ve already tried to contact him and the only response you got was that he’s still “tough” or “cool.”

Instead, start taking small steps to begin your life without him by making new friends, going out alone, or asking your friends to hang out with you.

If he still doesn’t call you back in a week after a few such moves, it could be a good sign that he’s not interested in getting back together with you.

Take heart, though! He may still change his mind and reach out to you.

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