Why Positive Thinking is Terrible Advice

By Ideapod

Are you hoping that positive thinking will help you out of a bad situation?  

Despite what you have heard from countless self-help books and motivational "gurus", positive thinking can be a terrible mindset to adopt. This 45 page eBook written by the experts at Ideapod is a raw and honest guide about the many problems associated with too much positive thinking.  

We demonstrate that the problem with positive thinking begins when you ignore your own thoughts and feelings. You form an insidious bubble of exclusively positive thoughts and lose the connection with yourself. Personal growth includes learning from emotional responses, negative thoughts, and life experiences. Dousing yourself with positive thinking can cause your own personal growth and quality of life to suffer.

In this eBook we will teach you how to move beyond a mindset of positive thinking that will help you achieve real change in your life.

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In this eBook you will learn everything you need to know about the movement behind positive thinking, why it doesn't work and how you can develop a more powerful mindset that will actually result in change in your life.

  • Learn why positive thinking advice doesn't work
  • Learn why the culture of positive thinking is so alluring and popular
  • Explore how positive thinking can actually interfere with your personal growth
  • Learn how to handle self-doubt when it occurs
  • See how you can use “negativity” as a way to personal growth
  • Assess your circumstances, and see how you can account for making a positive change  
  • Stop repressing your negative thoughts  
  • Work towards understanding your feelings.

“Before reading this eBook, I assumed that positive thinking was the most effective way to change my life. Now, I can see what's wrong with the approach, and the tips shared in the eBook have helped me to get my life back on track. Thank you Ideapod!”

Lisa Martin - Student in Queensland, Australia 

A Word From Justin Brown, Ideapod CEO

“Out of all the eBooks published by Ideapod, this is the one I'm the most proud of. In fact, I wrote the foreword for this very reason. It's more than a critique of the positive thinking movement. It also offers a more powerful mental framework for achieving what you want in life.”


Why put off finding out about the problems with the positive thinking movement? It's time to take control back over your life. Give up on whimsical thinking and make changes now!

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