Why I’m choosing to leave the Democratic Party

On April 18, 2017, Kori Ali Muhammad murdered Mark Gassett, David Jackson and Zackary Randalls near downtown Fresno, California. He also faces attempted murder charges for shooting at Stephen Walter, Michael Flores and Mark Geer during the rampage. He is charged with the murder of security guard Carl Allen Williams III who was working on April 13, 2017 at a local hotel when he was killed.

Muhammad told detectives and journalists that he targeted the victims because of the color of their skin and the killings were influenced by his hatred for white people. Muhammad is a Black Nationalist and according to the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), “the groups and individuals in this movement promote explicitly racist and bigoted ideas.”

He killed those innocent men who had nothing to do with what happened to him and the entire story is sad really.

What troubles me the most was that the political party that I use to belong to (Democratic Party) did not say much about the story and one of my associates even said, “Black Nationalism should not be of concern as much as White Nationalism, The Ku Klux Klan and White Supremacy. They are far much worse.”

Dominant media outlets like ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC did report on the story. However, it did not get much air time like a killing rampage by a white male would have. There wasn’t even a protest, you know, Love Trumps Hate?

Henry A. Wallace is someone that I always admired not only as a political figure but as an individual. He served as 33rd Vice President of The United States of America from 1941-1945 and founded the Progressive Party and left-wing magazine The New Republic. He was outspoken, loved new ideas and was hard-working. He said:

“The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information.”

Liberal media is dominant in the U.S.A and derived knowledge has been twisted where its audience believes we’re living in the worst time in our lives which has been proven quite the opposite. “People of color” should be constantly on alert since the white man is after their freedom and money. Anyone with male genitalia (you’re safe if you have colored skin but you lose that protection if you disagree with them) is going to sexually harass or oppress you. My least absolute favorite is the war on ideas which is political correctness to restrict language and safe spaces.

Wallace would be greatly disappointed in the state of The Democratic Party that it is currently in and I’m not the only one that is sick of it.

#WalkAway Campaign

Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway Campaign said in this video:

“For years now, I’ve watched as the left has evolve into intolerance, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill informed, Un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded and at times blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric.”

I along with Straka and possibly many others dislike seeing articles like the following:

“Dear white people, please stop pretending reverse racism is real”

“100 ways white people can make life less frustrating for people of color”

“37 things white people need to stop ruining in 2018”

“It’s time to talk about ‘black privilege’”

“Unpacking the male privilege jockstrap”.

Why don’t any of the articles fall into the definition of racism and sexism?

Straka made the argument near the end that “…the Democratic Party wants you to know that you’re a victim and destine to stay that way. They will insist that you’re a victim due to exist within a system that is rigged against you. You’re a victim of systematic oppression. That you are a victim of your circumstances and that no amount of hard work or motivational actions will ever allow you to overcome your victimhood or the privilege of those around you.” It’s similar to the Martyr complex and like Muhammed, he seek out to kill his “oppressors” and if these so-called Democrats or Liberals continue with their narrative, incidents like the one that happened in Fresno will unfortunately increase.

My main issue with the party is the robbery and the eradication of what liberalism is.

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What is Liberalism?

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson brilliantly said that individuals who are liberal tend to be “open-minded” and have fluid boundaries meaning they like free-flow information and ideas that can be easily move back and forth.

“Liberalism is a creation of the seventeenth century, fathered by British philosopher John Locke (1632-1704). For Locke, liberalism means limited government, the rule of law, due process, liberty, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, separation of church and state, and separation of government powers into branches that oversee each other’s authority.”

-Peter Boghossian

Postmodern “liberals” encourages group-think, identity politics, and the suppression of free speech by policing language. Dare to challenge their beliefs and they go after you in mobs.

That’s what happened to American biologist and evolutionary theorist Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College when he protested an event that asked white students to leave the college campus for one day.

“You’re fake liberals! You’re flirting with alt-right ideology!”

The Facebook group, The Jordan B Peterson Liberal discussion group posted a very interesting question from member Emily Sarah. She asked:

sarah Why I’m choosing to leave the Democratic Party

The dialectical method coined by German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is a method described as: “…a discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject but wishing to establish the truth through reasoned arguments.”

Dr. Peterson has erupted the echo chamber from both the right and left and introduced controversial yet fascinating thesis ranging from existentialism to religion.

He has inspired people to start asking real questions and to start to see themselves as individuals apart from society and then asking themselves how can they contribute to society.

A member, an artist from Los Angeles, California, Benjamin Heneberry, said:

“Yeah, have mixed feelings about that (#WalkAwayCampagin). On the one hand, I walked away from the Democratic party a few years ago, but on the other hand I have by no means embraced right-wing ideology either, and I don’t know why it has to be framed as an either-or issue. One can walk away from the far left and still consider themselves on the left after all.”

Another member JJ Russell said:

“We should be treated as individuals … even though we’re not entirely individuals. Our collective knowledge is a bonus for being social… our attempts to build that tower of Babel and touch God. We need all types of people to accomplish this goal and anyone who is tempted to only make fun of or insist on continually arguing with the other side is standing in the way of progress. It’s more important for us to learn together than it is to be right. Debating should not be about being right or winning an argument.”

Heneberry, Russell and I may have a difference in opinions but I am sure we want to see humanity go forward and we are willingly open to new ideas.

And no, we’re not flirting with the alt-right ideology nor are we “Nazis”. Just because someone has a counter-argument to your ideas doesn’t necessarily mean they are your enemies or bigots. That’s the belief that has contaminated one of the main fundamental aspects of intellectual discourse.

That needs to stop.

Cambodia’s Cain

The story of Cain and Abel is a lesson that even your own blood is capable of killing you.

My mother, who lived through the Cambodian genocide, said this: “Careful, the people that looks like you, think like you or talk like you may appear trustworthy; however, Cambodians who were killed during the genocide died by the hands of their own brothers and sisters.”

You can read more of my work at faroutwisdom.com.

Boonn Hem

Boonn Hem

Although I may feel alienated from society and have a pessimistic view on modern civilization, I do support humanism and our ability to adapt to changes and differences.

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