Why “getting into flow” is terrible advice

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Hey, Justin from Ideapod here.

Is the commonplace advice about “getting into flow” actually harming your life?

That’s the question I tried to answer in my latest YouTube video.

I think one of the most common pieces of advice I hear is to “flow” in life.

It makes sense to pursue this incredible state of being.

When you’re in flow, your senses are heightened. You lose your perspective of time. You become completely immersed in what’s happening around you.

You’re probably a more fun person to be around when you’re in flow.

Life is just better this way!

But I don’t think we’re getting the most out of this seemingly magical state of being by “surrendering” to the present moment.

Instead, we can use the flow state to our advantage by tapping into something known as “intuitive expertise.”

In my latest YouTube video, I break down some of the myths about finding flow and offer a very different method for entering this elusive and seemingly magical state.

==> Watch the video here: How to enter the flow state: 3 key steps (and why most people get it wrong)

Quick warning.

Not everyone who watched this video agreed with what I shared.

Here’s one of the comments:

“Yes that is partly the truth but this is placing a barrier for those who do not have the time to get expertise in their joyful activity, so please stop misleading people and turning those off by giving a wrong explanation of this state . There are other available ways to EVERYONE to get into the flow. Damaging misleading video.”

I replied to the comment but it’s important to watch my video with an open mind.

By the end of the video, I shared a few thoughts about the “collective flow state.” This is what happens when groups of people are in flow while working towards a shared goal.

The most prominent example of this are when orchestras or sports teams enter the flow state while working together in unison.

I think we can start to design our lives in a way that induces the flow state more regularly.

It’s something I have worked on for many years now. You can combine flow with purpose, passion, authenticity, and autonomy in life.

Check out the video and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

All the best,
Justin Brown, Ideapod

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