17 reasons a guy hides his true feelings for a girl (Complete guide)

Unlike girls, guys don’t show their true feelings half the time. They put up a wall of cool and refuse to show any sign that they care about someone.

If you’re in the situation of dating a guy that you think is hiding his true feelings, then this article is for you.

In this article, I’ll be giving you 17 reasons guys hide their feelings and how to deal with them.

Let’s get to it.

1) Guy doesn’t want to get hurt

The simple truth is that guys are afraid of getting hurt. They may have experienced it in the past and are trying to avoid it in the future.

They fear that by showing their feelings too quickly, they will scare away their partners or destroy what they have with them if things don’t work out.

What you can do:

Instead of forcing him to show his feelings, give him space and time, let him get more comfortable with you. Make sure he knows that you’re not going anywhere.

It’s also important that you pave the way for him. Giving him a hint of how you feel will encourage him to show his feelings.

2) Guy thinks it’s too soon to be in a relationship

If you’re in a new relationship but your guy is still holding back emotionally, then he may not feel that you are close enough to take the next step from friendship to the next level (i.e. becoming boyfriend and girlfriend).

He may be concerned that if he starts to show his feelings, he’ll scare you off, and you’ll end up leaving the relationship before it really begins.

What you can do:

Let him know that it’s never too soon. You’re with him because you want to be, not because he’s being persistent about it.

You’ll have to initiate a talk about your relationship and how long it’s going to last. If you don’t get any answers then this guy isn’t ready for a committed relationship.

3) Guy is afraid of commitment

This guy is scared that if you find out how he really feels, he’ll lose you. He doesn’t want to commit because he fears that what he has with you will end in a split second if things don’t go accordingly.

What you can do:

If this guy is not ready to commit, then it’s impossible to get over him. You’ll have no other choice but to let him go and move on with your life.

4) Guy isn’t sure what he feels

Basically, some guys are confused about their feelings and how they should handle them. Some of them don’t know how to tell if they like someone or not, so they just back away.

What you can do:

Allow him time to figure out what he really wants. Don’t push it, wait until he’s ready to let you know how he feels.

Don’t be afraid to tell him how you feel either. Guys like a girl that’s up front. It gives them a better perspective on their decisions.

Don’t forget that it’s a good thing that he’s taking time to process what he wants. When he’s ready to let you know, he’ll jump at the opportunity.

And you will be surprised at how strong his feelings will be when he’s ready to express them.

Now you might wonder whether there’s any way to help him express his feelings.

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Their personalized advice really helped me to figure out what was happening around me and sort out my emotions.

So, maybe it will also help him to express his feelings.

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5) Guy doesn’t want to get emotionally attached

At this stage, guys don’t want to get emotionally attached because they’re not sure if you’re the right person for them.

When they show their feelings too early on, they tend to become attached, so they push away their emotions just in case things don’t work out with you.

What you can do:

Take your time to get to know each other better. Show him that you are girlfriend material and that he doesn’t have to worry about falling for you.

If you give him a hint of how much you like him, then he’ll be more willing to show his feelings. He won’t feel so pressured or nervous about it.

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6) Guy hears “no” way too often

Remember those times when you were a kid and you wanted something so badly, but the person you asked was always saying “no.”

You’d start to get frustrated, and then eventually even still your hope would disappear. That’s how guys feel when one of their girlfriends insists that she doesn’t like them or isn’t interested in them.

What you can do:

Listen carefully, It’s very important that you don’t turn him down too often.

Let your guy know that he has nothing to worry about, you’re the one who likes him and you are serious about being with him in the long-term. You wouldn’t be talking to him if you weren’t interested in him.

7) Guy is intimidated by you

He finds you beautiful, strong, intelligent, and confident. He doesn’t have problems with these traits.

In fact, he might even find them appealing as they make you a catch. But deep down, he feels that you’re too good for him and that he’ll never be able to keep up with your lifestyle or standards.

8) Guy is confused about his feelings

Sometimes guys just don’t know what they feel, especially if this is their first relationship or if it’s a new relationship for them.

What you can do:

Give him a chance to figure out what he’s feeling, it’ll come with time. Don’t be afraid to tell him how you feel about him. In fact, let him know that it’s okay for him to show his feelings to you as well.

Be patient and try to see things from his perspective. He’ll eventually grow to trust you and open up with you.

9) Guy doesn’t know what he wants

Some guys are just too indecisive, so it’s difficult for them to decide on what they want in a relationship.

Maybe he’s afraid that he’s not good enough for you or that you deserve someone better. Maybe he really wants a relationship but doesn’t know how to go about expressing it.

What you can do:

Acknowledge the fact that he’s taking time to figure out what he wants. Don’t pressure him into telling you his true feelings.

If you’re patient and let things play out naturally, then he’ll find it easier to be with you as time goes by. Give him time and space, and don’t rush into anything just yet.

To make it easier for him, how about showing him how much you care about him by making an effort to spend time with him, listen to what he has to say, and support his decisions?

10) Guy isn’t interested in you

If he acts as if he doesn’t know what you’re saying when you talk to him or if he is distant and indifferent towards your presence, then there’s a big chance he doesn’t find you attractive.

What you can do:

If you’re interested in your guy, be his friend. Don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t show an interest in being around you all the time. He’s not interested in you yet, it takes time for a guy to open up and make an effort to get to know you better.

If your guy is still acting as if he doesn’t like you, then let things play out naturally and take your time to get to know each other better.

Try different approaches, and don’t be afraid to make the first move or take the risk by saying something nice to him. You never know what might come out of that.

The more time he spends with you, the more he’ll realize how good of a person he has in his life.

If it seems like things are not going well, don’t despair! It happens to all of us at one point or another in our relationships.

11) Guy doesn’t know how to show his emotions

Some guys just don’t have the skills or knowledge of how to show their feelings properly to the girl they like. They don’t understand exactly what’s going on with their emotions and how to handle them.

What you can do:

Show him examples and teach him how to show his emotions properly. Even if he doesn’t say it, he’s still thinking about you and what’s happening between you and him.

Let him know that you’re interested in being with him by making a genuine effort to spend time with him and get to know each other better.

You might say: “I feel comfortable around you.” or “I’m happy that I can spend time with you.”

This will initiate a conversation between the two of you and let him know that you’re interested in being with him.

If a guy really likes a girl, then he will open up more easily because he realizes that the girl is special and deserves it from him.

12) Guy doesn’t want commitment

It really is that simple, some guys just don’t want to be in a serious relationship, they don’t want the commitment or they’re just not ready to be in another relationship yet.

What you can do:

If your guy is still interested in hanging out with you but isn’t sure if he wants a serious relationship, then let things play out naturally and give him the space he needs to figure out what he wants.

The more he hangs out with you, the more he’ll realize that he really enjoys being around you.

He’ll warm up to the idea and eventually open up to you about what’s on his mind, and won’t be so cold and distant towards you anymore.

Eventually, the two of you will be able to talk openly about what’s happening between the two of you. He’ll tell you how he feels and how he honestly sees things going in your relationship.

If things don’t seem to be working out and he still seems to be hesitant in a relationship with you, then you might need to initiate a conversation in order to work things out.

If your guy just doesn’t want a serious relationship, you’ll need to back off and focus on being friends because love is a two-way street.

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13) Guy is confused about his feelings for another girl

If you’ve noticed that your guy is spending more and more time with another girl, then there’s a big chance he’s lured into her charm and she’s making things difficult for you.

What you can do:

If you think your guy is really into this girl, then you’ll need to initiate a conversation and let him know how you feel.

Be sure to ask the reason why he’s been spending time with the girl and what he seems to have in common with her. Be sure to be as objective as possible and try not to accuse him of anything.

When you look at this situation objectively, you will find out if he really likes her and why he’s spending so much time with her.

If you find out that she actually has a hold on him, then you’ll need to back off and let him spend time with her being happy and finally realize what he wants.

But if you still want to be with him, and you’re really into him, then you should make a genuine effort to spend time with him and get to know each other better.

Make sure that the experience you two have together will be unforgettable, so he will see how he enjoys and appreciates spending time with you and won’t want to be with anyone else.

14) Guy is scared of a relationship

Some guys just can’t get into a serious relationship because they’re scared of getting hurt.

If your guy is having trouble finding someone or seems to be afraid of being in a relationship, then there’s a big chance he’s scared of experiencing the same thing all over again.

What you can do:

If your guy isn’t ready for a long-term relationship, then give him time and space to work things out for himself. Let him know that he doesn’t need to rush into it and that you’re okay with the way things are going.

Be sure to be there for him and support him in any way you can because it’s hard to recover from a broken heart. When he sees that you’re being supportive, he’ll be less afraid of being in a relationship with you.

He’ll open up more freely and feel comfortable sharing his feelings and emotions with you.

If things don’t seem to be working out, and your guy is still having a difficult time getting into a relationship, then let him know that you’re okay with everything the way they are.

You can also encourage him by letting him know that he is capable of finding someone. And that if he keeps working on himself then he will find someone who’s really worth it.

Some guys have a difference in their personalities and they’re not really ready to settle down at the moment. It’s important that you don’t be discouraged by this and give him some space.

15) Guy has negative feelings for you

Some guys might develop negative feelings towards you, or they’re just in a bad mood. Sometimes your guy just needs some time to work things out before opening up to you.

What you can do:

If you can tell that your guy is having negative feelings towards you then try to initiate a conversation where the two of you can talk things out.

Be sure to listen well and respond with understanding. Once he sees that you really care about him, he’ll come around and eventually open up more with his feelings.

He’ll develop more positive feelings towards you. Then if you really like him, you will have the opportunity to take your relationship to the next step.

16) Guy is waiting for you to express interest towards him

Some guys might have feelings for you, but they’re waiting for you to make the first move because they don’t want to come on too strong. They’re worried that if they open up too soon, then the two of you will drift apart.

What you can do:

If your guy has been showing interest in you and is trying his best to make things happen, then be sure to reciprocate.

Being confident and open is a huge turn on for men, so let him know that you’re interested and see where it goes from there.

When you make an effort to show him that you’re interested in him,it will make him feel comfortable to open up. If things don’t work out between the two of you, then at least you know that he tried to open up with you.

If you feel that this guy isn’t picking up the timings and that he’s too much in his head, then you might need to give him some space and try to talk things out with him.

Let him know that you’re not looking for anything serious and that he can come at any time if he wants to.

He’ll be happy about being able to talk about how he feels about everything and won’t think so much about it anymore if he is already comfortable with the way things are going.

17) Guy is emotionally unavailable

Listen, some guys aren’t emotionally available because they might be having some problems or too much going on in their lives to get into a serious relationship. It’s not that they’re not interested in being in a relationship, but they just need some time to figure out their lives.

Try not to take it personally or think it’s anything that you did wrong. He doesn’t have feelings for someone else and he’s not trying to be harsh.

What you can do:

If your guy is having trouble opening up to you and is trying to avoid making things serious, then be sure to respect his decision. Give him some space and time so he can work things out for himself.

Then once he’s ready, see if you can open up to him just a little bit so he starts to appreciate and understand where you’re coming from.

You can show that you’re interested by initiating a conversation with him, either by chatting online or having a phone call. You can also let him know that you’re willing to spend time with him and that it doesn’t need to be anything serious at this point in time.

Don’t get discouraged though because some guys just need space and time to overcome their issues.


There are many possibilities when it comes to guys and falling in love.

But you also have to remember that guys are different people, some of which are more difficult to get into a relationship with than others.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to guys and love is that they think differently than women do. They might have different standards in their minds that are hard to understand or accept.

So be patient and give them enough time, see what they like and what they don’t like, learn their hopes and dreams, and then be sure to make them happy.

By now you should have a good idea of why a guy hides his true feelings for a girl.

So what can you do to find out about his true feelings?

Well, I mentioned the unique concept of the hero instinct earlier. It’s revolutionized the way I understand how men work in relationships.

You see, when you trigger a man’s hero instinct, all those emotional walls come down. He feels better in himself and he’ll naturally begin to associate those good feelings with you.

And it’s all down to knowing how to trigger these innate drivers that motivate men to love, commit, and protect.

So if you’re ready to take your relationship to that level, be sure to check out James Bauer’s incredible advice.

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