Childless aunts are the most undervalued women in society. They shouldn’t be.

Being childless is a misery for women who long to have children.

For them, the desire to have a child never really goes away, especially when they have nieces and nephews.

They instantly become second parents and tirelessly give support and love to these kids. But deep inside, they fight their own loneliness, sadness, and hopelessness.

Most of the time, even the people close to them take their presence for granted.

Some of these “childless-not-by-choice aunts” suffer depression and it is so painful that they are judged by today’s society just because they couldn’t have a child of their own.

But, here are the top reasons why their roles should be acknowledged more instead of being undervalued:

1. They treat your kids as their own

They look at your kids as the children they are not able to conceive.

This will give you peace of mind when you leave your kids to their care. Rest assured, the children will be safe and in good hands.

2. They spoil your kids

Love, kisses, and gifts – name it and your kids will have it.

A study from Weber Shandwick partnered with KRC Research states that PANKs or Professional Aunt No Kids spends an average of $387 on each child.

Additionally, they give financial support when parents cannot or will not do so.

3. They are friends and confidants

When kids don’t feel comfortable sharing with their parents, they turn to their aunts for advice.

They are also good listeners and can offer an objective view of what it is that is bothering your kids.

4. They have a huge influence on your kids

Aunts are women that are oftentimes put on a pedestal by your kids – be it because of their beauty, intellect, attitude or values.

They influence your kids and spoil them more than you think.

5. They are there when you are not

You can either call them substitute parents or second mothers. They give motherly love and guidance at times when you are not around. They are there for your kids when they need them and that is something to be thankful for.

With all these great stuff we can say about our beloved childless aunts, how can our misguided society think less of her?

Her being unable to conceive gives her emotional pain.

Amidst that, her love for your kids is not dimmed by the darkness that’s eating away her dreams of having a child.

Maybe she has superpowers.

Maybe Wonder Woman is real, after all.

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