When ideas go astray…

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Eureka! The lights go on but we’re the only ones to truly see them. That momentary flash of genius strikes. So clearly noticed. Yet sometimes difficult to articulate and get out of our heads. 

We question ourselves to either follow through or let it go. 

Are these the ideas worth taking note of. The ones that will slip away and might some day return to remind us of that “told ya so” future-tense. That “see, that coulda been me” hindsight.

Maybe its really our own insecurities that lead us astray from our ideas. That lack of will power to swim upstream against the current. To stay with it while the cacophony of nays reverberates.

Or, its the insight and influx of information upon impact of the interaction and integration of outing an idea that will send it astray. 

All of these unsuspecting synergies can nurture an idea to flourish or even appropriately kill itself off. While eventually through its evolution may not even closely resemble its genesis.

When ideas go astray pay attention…

Ask not what your idea can do for you, ask what you can do for your idea.

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exclamationface01 compressor When ideas go astray... Mark’s Myth is an exploration into the synergies of ideas… riffs blending wordplay, story telling, technology and the arts weaving together a tapestry of synapses and milestones.

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