15 things you can do when a guy acts interested, then backs off

There are many ways to handle rejection as a woman.

The best approach is to be polite, well-mannered, and not give up on finding love again.

But when a guy acts interested, then backs off for no reason, sometimes you might get angry or feel hurt.

Here are 15 things you can do instead of dwelling on it!

15 things you can do when a guy acts interested, then backs off

1) Move on with your life

So, you’ve spent some time together, and you started to fall for this guy who suddenly disappears.

He’s left you with unanswered questions and a broken heart.

The best thing to do is move on and get on with your life.

Don’t spend your time thinking about him, trying to figure out what went wrong, or why he didn’t let you know that he wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship.

The answer is probably that he wasn’t interested from the start, or perhaps his ex came back into his life.

No matter what you do at this point will bring you heartache.

It is a normal part of the process, so simply keep in mind that the best thing you can do is to let things develop at their own pace.

Try to relax and feel in your heart that things will turn out the best way they should.

2) Use his rejection as an opportunity to improve yourself

Don’t you just hate it when everything goes well, and then you feel like someone pulled a rug under you?

Well, I know the feeling, it is awful.

However, the best things start out of pain and misery.

All the artists in the world used their suffering to fuel their talent and passion for life.

So, don’t let his rejection of you affect how you see yourself or how you think about yourself as a person.

It is an opportunity for you to get better at something, whether professionally or by developing life skills.

3) Don’t take his rejection personally

It is very common for a woman to assume that if a guy doesn’t call her back or disappear, he must be playing with her or being mean-spirited.

But the truth is, you can never know for sure what the reason for his behavior may be, so it is better not to even try to get into his head, but instead work on improving your life instead.

So what can you do to change your life around?

Begin with yourself. Stop searching for external fixes to sort out your life. Deep down, you know this isn’t working.

And that’s because until you look within and unleash your personal power, you’ll never find the satisfaction and fulfillment you’re searching for.

I learned this from the shaman Rudá Iandê. His life mission is to help people restore balance to their lives and unlock their creativity and potential. He has an incredible approach that combines ancient shamanic techniques with a modern-day twist.

In his excellent free video, Rudá explains effective methods to achieve what you want in life.

So if you want to build a better relationship with yourself, unlock your endless potential, and put passion at the heart of everything you do, start now by checking out his genuine advice.

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4) Look around you

Ever noticed how every time you are surrounded by guys who are crazy about you, you manage to pick the one who is unavailable?

I know it is going against the usual logic that says you should always look for a man who shows his affection clearly.

But we cannot always apply logic to our choices in life.

The grass always seems greener in another place, and you should never miss a chance of exploring new territories and meeting new people.

Even though it may feel right now like you will never find love again or like someone as much as you liked him, but trust me – there will be plenty of other chances for love in your life.

5) Ask yourself why you are upset

This is one of the most logic-breaking things, but when we don’t want to be hurt by someone, we tend to blame them for it even though they had nothing to do with our pain.

They simply made a choice that was good for them.

You must realize that you might feel hurt because of your own choices and actions, not because this guy was uncaring or mean.

If your reaction is simply too strong, then consider what you do on a day-to-day basis and think about it again.

Change your attitudes or focus on something else altogether.

You should accept the fact that someone not liking you is nothing personal, but instead of getting angry at him or trying too hard to change his mind, try to find a new way of looking at it.

There may be some underlying issue underneath your reaction, so it wouldn’t hurt if you pay close attention to your past experiences that may be the reason why you feel so bad because of this now.

6) Get yourself a hobby or a passion for life

Every person needs to have an outlet in life to be able to get rid of all the negative energy and stress because of all the things that didn’t go the way we expected them to.

Spend some time every day on something you enjoy doing, whether it is playing tennis, reading books, or learning languages online.

Find something that puts a smile on your face, so you can recharge and forget about the pain you are feeling right now.

Whether it is sport or languages, it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy doing it and feel passionate about something that makes you happy and alive.

7) Give yourself time

Time is a woman’s ally when she wants to get over someone she likes.

Don’t try to rush things because that might make you feel worse.

In essence, the best thing you can do now is simply to breathe in everything that has happened to you, think things through, and you will notice after a while that you are starting to feel lighter and better.

During this period, try not to isolate yourself and forget your friends and family.

Even though you might not be ready to start explaining why you are so sad, it is important to spend some time with your loved ones.

They are the ones who will help you get through this heartache.

Show them how much they mean to you, because that can make a difference in your life as well as theirs.

8) Don’t see his rejection as a challenge or a battle

You are not going to find love by running around and picking up men who are not interested in you.

Give yourself a chance to heal from the pain of this guy; otherwise, you will continue looking for love in all the wrong places.

Don’t see this as a challenge that you need to take.

Love is not a game, and you and the guy you like are not puppets.

Admit that you feel pain and simply decide to be a better person, so you can actually grow from it and understand better what to do to make it better next time around.

9) Don’t make excuses for his behavior

Women tend to think about all kinds of reasons that the guy they like has for not being there for them.

However, this is probably one of the worst things you can do because people are perfectly able to choose what they want to do.

Try not to make excuses for him just because he made you feel like you were the best thing ever and then turned into someone totally different.

He surely has a reason for behaving like this, but it is not up to you to find out what it is.

Just accept it the way it is.

If he suddenly feels the need to explain his behavior, that is perfectly fine.

Give him a chance to tell you when he is ready to talk about it.

10) Maybe he wasn’t the one for you?

Ask yourself this question: would you be the perfect one for him? Is he perfect for you?

These are tough questions, but asking them and thinking about the answers will help you to get over your anger and find new love, someone that will treat you better than he did.

Besides, why would you want to date him again if that means you will be hurt, right?

Even though we hold on to people who treat us badly, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find someone better, someone, who will be a better match for us.

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When you start feeling blue because things didn’t work out, spend time with like-minded people.

Sometimes the best remedy is to spend time with other women who share your passion and outlook on life.

Going out to clubs, concerts or movies are all great ways to make new friends and if your hope is still alive, just look in all directions.

It will help you get the energy flowing back into your life. If you keep rewinding all the things he said to you, you might feel like you are in a dark hole.

Even though we need to think things through to be able to learn from our experience, still try not to let yourself dwell on the past.

Life is too short to be stuck in doing something you don’t love or doing something someone doesn’t want you to do.

So, what about him? Consider whether he is interested in you – or if he just wants the attention.

You should have the courage to be cautious and not give your heart away lightly, especially since he showed no interest in making the relationship work.

11) Give him some space

Even though things may look bad now, give him some time to cool down and give him a chance to come back to you.

Wait for him to contact you if he’s been upset by something that happened in his life.

He probably just needs some time to deal with it before he comes back and wants to talk about it.

Okay, I know what you are thinking right now – why bother to give him space if you have done everything you can to move on?

Well, I know this may not be the most logical thing in the world, but I have noticed that whenever I gave up on someone or something, I got it effortlessly pretty soon.

It is somehow like the pressure if off all of a sudden and it gets easier for the things to happen.

Maybe being away from each other will help both of you to understand better where you are coming from and find a way to create a wonderful relationship or simply to move on with your lives.

12.) Listen to the voice inside

When something hurts us, we tend to try and figure out why it is.

And sometimes, this leads us to form million-and-one assumptions and we can never know the real reason behind someone’s behavior.

So, listen to your inner voice – what does it think about this guy? Does it want him back or not?

Maybe your intuition is telling you to let him go, but you still hold on to the feelings that no longer serve their purpose.

But I get it, letting those feelings out can be hard, especially if you’ve spent so long trying to stay in control of them.

If that’s the case, I highly recommend watching this free breathwork video, created by the shaman, Rudá Iandê.

Rudá isn’t another self-professed life coach. Through shamanism and his own life journey, he’s created a modern-day twist to ancient healing techniques.

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13) Take care of yourself

If your heart has been broken, take care of yourself so that you are healthy enough not only for finding love again but also for moving on with life.

The simple truth is that the only person you will be together with for as long as you live is you!

So, this is why you need to do everything you can to nurture yourself and be careful about the food you consume, the lifestyle you are leading, and the goals you have in life.

The more attention you give to yourself, the more you will enjoy your life.

You may think that turning off your feelings towards the guy you like may help you move on, but it is the opposite.

It is better to let those feelings out and face them.

You don’t want to rush into another relationship of any kind just because you think you will make yourself happy this way.

Instead, try to give yourself plenty of time to heal and process everything that has happened to you.

14) Find a way to distract yourself

When you feel down, the best thing to do is to spend time with the people you love.

It is one of those things that makes you feel better simply because you are distracted from that pain inside yourself that won’t go away.

So, find a hobby, start writing a novel, or dance in your room when your heart starts hurting. Whatever it is, find your passion!

If you truly want to get over a guy who didn’t love you the way that you loved him, you need to start living life for yourself.

Appreciate everything good that comes your way, and don’t be so hard on yourself if things aren’t going the way you planned them at first – this is simply part of our lives.

It will take some time to heal from your broken heart, and you will need to make sure that you’ve taken the best course of action for yourself.

If you want to start over again with someone new, then go for it when you feel ready to move on.

In case you haven’t dated much before, and you don’t have a lot of experience in relationships, this is the right time to just focus on yourself, and everything else will fall into its place.

15) Know that love will come to you

It’s not likely that you will meet someone exactly like him, but know that there will be another guy in your life who will make you feel happy and loved instead of giving you the pain you are feeling right now.

And remember: it’s not worth being miserable, and things will soon turn for the better, you can count on that.

You deserve to be happy, love yourself and everything you do, and make sure you don’t take another person’s rejection as a personal attack on yourself.

Life is full of wonderful opportunities and people who are ready to make your life better.

You just have to know how to recognize them when they enter your life.

Try to open your heart and your mind to the new things and people coming your way.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience something new and exciting, experiment with different hobbies, meet new people, have fun and enjoy life.

It’s important not to get too caught up in comparing every new guy to your ex.

He is your ex for a reason, after all – the two of you are different people with different needs, expectations, and personalities.

What worked for one relationship may not work for the other.

Let go of all the negative feelings, so you can move on with your life and understand yourself better.

This is the only way to be able to notice the right guy when he comes to your life.

Final thoughts

Sometimes things simply don’t work out.

Even though we feel sad and want things to turn out differently, in the grand scheme of things, we are lucky that we did everything possible to be loved and make someone happy.

We can handle these things without going into a tailspin.

We can get hurt, grieve and let it go, just as we can handle big achievements despite our fear of failure.

What does it take to build a life filled with exciting opportunities and passion-fueled adventures?

Most of us hope for a life like that, but we feel stuck, unable to achieve the goals we wishfully set at the start of each year.

I felt the same way until I took part in Life Journal. Created by teacher and life coach Jeanette Brown, this was the ultimate wake-up call I needed to stop dreaming and start taking action.

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So what makes Jeanette’s guidance more effective than other self-development programs?

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It’s simple:

Jeanette’s created a unique way of putting YOU in control of your life.

She’s not interested in telling you how to live your life. Instead, she’ll give you lifelong tools that’ll help you achieve all your goals, keeping the focus on what you’re passionate about.

And that’s what makes Life Journal so powerful.

If you’re ready to start living the life you’ve always dreamt of, you need to check out Jeanette’s advice. Who knows, today could be the first day of your new life.

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