Is she no longer interested? 13 smart ways to get her to like you again

Imagine what it would be like: You’ve been dating for a couple of months and things are going swimmingly.

You guys have laughed, held hands, and you might even have shared a few kisses in the process.

Suddenly, it seems like the relationship is complicated in ways that you never saw coming.

If your partner suddenly appears to be uncommunicative or just doesn’t seem interested anymore, then this post will help you turn around your relationship and get her back into your arms again too!

Here are 13 tips on getting her to like you again when she is suddenly acting strange and rejecting you!

1) Don’t make hasty decisions

You must understand that it could be a mere phase she’s going through.

Normally, women tend to get moody and distant before they feel emotionally ready for a serious commitment or conversation about the future.

So, it is possible that your girlfriend is just having a moment.

Be patient and don’t panic. In no time, she will be back in your arms again! When it comes to women, you shouldn’t jump the gun until you are sure of what you are doing.

I know the feeling of being rejected feels painful, but don’t let your rage and panic levels get out of control.

Rushing into hasty decisions could end up with your relationship being in worse condition than it was before.

2) Give her space and time to think

As women, we might sometimes think that men are feeble and just want to jump into bed whenever we’re ready.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Our emotions are hence complex: We may be in love, but we also feel lonely and maybe a little sad.

Give her time to think, so she can take a good look at her current situation with you.

This will give her enough time to get over her behavior and think rationally again. Women usually require some space to fully understand why they like a man or hate him.

3) Change your behavior temporarily

Changing the way you behave is a smart move.

It shows that you are willing to make some concession for her, and it doesn’t come across as demanding or desperate.

So, be subtle about it:

When she is back in your arms again, you can go back to being yourself.

She will appreciate the change and will most likely come around again! This shows that you are letting her be in control and aren’t overbearing. It also gives her a sense of familiarity when she returns to your arms once more.

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4) Consider the possibility of a change in her circumstances

Many times, it’s not just the behavior of a woman but also the situations she is in that influences her decision.

Sometimes, the change of circumstances can be enough to make her like you again.

For example, if you have been dating a girl for a couple of months and have shared so much fun and excitement in your relationship, it could be difficult for her to walk away from you.

You need to show her that you understand her reasons for doing so and are willing to give it another try! Please note that this only applies if things have not gone too far badly yet! If they do go too far badly, then she may be more likely to break up with you permanently.

Just put yourself in her shoes and try to understand the situation thoroughly. This could really help you to turn around your relationship again.

5) Make a little effort to meet her friends

Befriending her friends can be a great way to get her to like you again.

If you are comfortable with doing so, then take the initiative and make an effort to get close to her friends and chat with them.

This shows that you are a caring person who respects your partner’s choices and truly cares about her. Depending on the relationship, this could lead to a date or something more.

But that’s only part of the story, her friends can also be a great source of information.

Don’t forget that she trusts her friends, and they may have some valuable insights on what is really bothering her!

Be prepared for any outcome and don’t waste time on the woman who doesn’t want you! You need to focus on the one who does, even if it takes some effort! You never know how things will pan out!

6) Tell her how much she means to you

It is okay to tell your partner that she means a lot to you.

There is nothing wrong with showing your partner that you are committed to her.

If a relationship has broken down, the only thing that you can guarantee to fix the situation is time and commitment.

And time can help to mend a broken heart! So, why not start by telling her how much she means to you? It will make her feel happy, and it will also turn things around! It’s always better safe than sorry.

I’ve been there and I know how painful it would be to walk away from a relationship that you were in the middle of and never say anything about it.

Little by little, you have shown her nothing but your love for her. And now is the time for you to make sure that she knows it!

7) Lighten up the mood by initiating small talk

If you feel like being serious, then you could always initiate a discussion about something positive or happy.

I am not suggesting that you should be the life of the party and make your partner laugh her heart out! But a little small talk can really lighten things up!

There is no such thing as “too much” small talk.

And it will do wonders if she feels like joining in with you. Let her be the one to decide if she wants to participate or not. In no time, she will know whether there is something serious going on between the two of you or not.

And the outcome will always be worth it!

8) Do something you never did before

It’s always a great idea to do something new with your partner!

It will surprise her and make her feel romantic.

Just by showing that you care and that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, she will be able to understand what’s going on in your mind. The most important thing is to ask her if she’s interested or not before taking any step further. Never take anything for granted!

If you have been together for some time, then it’s okay for you to do something old and boring! But if it’s just the beginning, then don’t blame me if things go wrong! Do something nice and new.

These things can be, for instance, cooking her favorite dish, inviting her to go to that new place in town, or going out to have a great time! Anything that you find exciting and new can work wonders for you.

9) Identify what she likes about you and keep it up

There is a reason why she chose to be with you and not someone else. There has to be something about you that made her want to be with you.

And there must be something that’ll make her want to stay with you! The trick here is to identify what it is about you that she likes and keep doing it!

At the beginning of a relationship, when everything seems rosy and wonderful, it is always easy to understand what attracted them to each other in the first place.

It is only later in the relationship when things go sour that we have a hard time identifying what it was that made her fall for you in the first place. But at this point, the relationship is far from perfect and she may have doubts about you.

So don’t feel embarrassed about trying to get her back by doing what you did at the beginning of the relationship.

This is probably the easiest way to make her fall in love with you again! It’s just a small step towards a big turnaround in your relationship!

10) Check your own feelings for validation

pexels shotpot 6337500 Is she no longer interested? 13 smart ways to get her to like you again

It is important to ask yourself “Do I love her?” before you decide to go after her.

If you simply want to get over a breakup or get back together with an ex, then it is best that you walk away right now! You will have to do something big and special if you want things to turn around.

And if it is true love that you have for this woman, then there is nothing in this world that could ever tear you away from each other. You will have to make sure of it! And only when your mind and heart are one, can things work out the way they should.

Most men rush through their relationships without thinking about the future.

They don’t prepare for how they will really feel about her in the future. And this lack of foresight can lead to a lot of complications that are very difficult to deal with.

So, take your time and think about what you love about this woman, and what qualities she possesses. Then put yourself in her shoes and let her know how much you admire her! When two people love each other, all that matters is the moment that it happens!

11) Stop chasing her and let her miss you

Instead of pushing her to talk to you and being persistent about maintaining a relationship, you could give her time and let her miss you!

It’s not fair for you to keep chasing after this woman when she is the one who has left the relationship.

And it’s definitely not fair for her to feel like she has to make things work with someone who clearly doesn’t want her. She has no choice but to feel like she will be making a bad decision if she decides to stay with him again.

But if you’re reading this article, then it is most likely that you don’t want her in that way. So it just makes sense for you to give her a little time alone so that she is able to figure out what she wants and doesn’t have to go through the same thing twice.

12) Ask her to clarify something

It’s always a good idea to ask her to clarify where things stand between the two of you.

It is a great way for you to understand what she is going through. And it will give you an idea of how you should handle yourself.

Even if she doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s good that you know where she stands with the situation. Don’t push or force her into anything; just let her take things one step at a time! You could even give her time and space and ask her later.

But if she asks for advice, then it is perfectly acceptable to have an opinion or point of view on the matter!

So give it a go: ask her about what is going on between the two of you!

13) Don’t let her make all the decisions

If you want her to stay with you, then you have to take charge of the situation.

This means that it is your responsibility to make sure that things go in a way that will keep her by your side.

You may not be able to change her mind about leaving the relationship, but you can control how things end.

Don’t let her make all the decisions! Don’t even let it look like she is making more decisions than you are! Because if this is the case, she might feel like she has more control over what happens next.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

If a man makes one last attempt to win over his woman and he fails, it’s because he was passive and lazy.

He didn’t have the courage to go after her or to make things work in some other way.

On the other hand, if a man goes after his woman and succeeds, it is because he is persistent and willing to go the extra mile for her.

In either situation, it is your actions that will show her how much you care.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the most important thing that you need to do is to overcome your fears and improve yourself for her.

All other things will just work themselves out naturally! You will be happy and content if you have mastered your relationship with your ex!

So, go after her, but keep it real! Don’t become another bitter ex who holds a grudge against this woman.

Speak to her, but use the right words. Avoid all the clichés that men often use when they want to get back together with an ex. But be clear about what you are trying to achieve: To make a great person even better!

These are 13 smart ways to get her to like you again. Hope this article has helped you understand that the way to get back together with your ex can be complicated.

Remember, every person you meet today is a doorway to another journey – so take this chance and live it up!

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