What is the 12 word text and how it worked for me

Ladies, I went through a period in my life where I couldn’t work out what was wrong with me.

I watched my friends winning over guys, dating, falling in love, and having all these experiences I yearned for.

I had no problem at all meeting guys. I wasn’t shy around them. I was actively seeking this connection. But, every attempt at a relationship I tried for fell flat.

And that’s when I came across the 12-word text.

I’m going to share my experience using this magical 12-word text that will have you in a committed relationship with a man who is utterly and completely devoted to you.

Based on what happened to me, I know this is a game-changer, and one of the best-kept secrets in the relationship world.

My only regret?

That I didn’t know about it earlier.

Where the 12-word text comes from

The 12-word text stems from the hero instinct, a concept coined by relationship expert James Bauer in his book His Secret Obsession.

You see, all men have this biological urge to step up for the woman they care about and earn her respect in return.

A need that I wasn’t satisfied with any guy I met. As a result, I was unable to catch a man, let alone hold onto him like all my friends around me.

The truth is, men don’t even realize they have this urge. But they are more than aware that something is missing from the relationship when it hasn’t been triggered. It can cause them to stray, break up, and look for it elsewhere. 

And this is where the 12-word text comes into it. It’s a simple text you can send your man to trigger that instinct.

In the rest of this article, I’m going to show you how I put it to good use in your own relationships, and find yourself with the level of commitment you deserve.

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What is the hero instinct?

First, let’s take a deeper look at exactly what the hero instinct is and why this 12-word text holds so much power when it comes to your relationships.

Don’t be put off by the name.

No one is expecting you to play the role of damsel in distress, just so some man can come and sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset.

We know that it’s the last thing you need. It’s about making him feel like an everyday hero in your life.

The little things you can do to make him feel both essential and needed in your relationship. There are no capes or masks needed for this.

I reached a low point in my life, as I started watching my friends head off, get married and start having kids. Meanwhile, I was still at square one and unable to find a guy to spend a couple of weeks with, let alone a lifetime.

It hurt.

One of my friends gifted me a copy of His Secret Obsession — written by best-selling author James Bauer. I have to admit, at first I was dubious. But I decided, what have I got to lose at this point?

And I am so glad I did. This book has been a life-changer for me.

In his book, James Bauer gives you the perfect understanding of what it is, and why it is so valuable. It was enough to convince me.

It comes down to this, men need three things to be happy in a relationship:

  • They want to feel valued and appreciated.
  • They want to feel respected.
  • They want to feel needed.

See, as promised there are no capes or masks in the equation. Just simple little things you can do to help your man feel these three things.

And it’s three things that I had overlooked in every single relationship of mine.

I was so focused on being a strong, independent woman who could survive just fine without a man in her life, that I wasn’t willing to let my guard down for any man.

I wasn’t willing to give him the satisfaction of feeling essential in my life, as I felt that it undermined me and my abilities. But that’s not the case at all.

It’s actually about him and the way he feels, more than having anything to do with me.

By triggering this simple instinct in your man, it has the power to change your relationship for the better.

Naturally, this leads to the next question you likely have on your mind right now:

How can you trigger it?

While James Bauer shares a few ideas to get you started, but the easiest is definitely the 12-word text that has been designed to hook a guy in straight away.

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What is the 12-word text?

Credit: DepositPhotos

It’s the answer to all your relationship prayers! I’m not even exaggerating with this.

The 12-word text is the key to your relationship.

Of course, you might be wondering just how 12 words can hold so much power in the future of your relationship. I know I did.

It was a number of factors coming together that helped convince me: reading the book, looking into the research, and then putting the 12-word text into action.

James Bauer isn’t just some random person who came out with this concept out of the blue. He’s a well-known relationships expert who has drawn on years of research into evolutionary psychology.

Basically, when men feel that ancient urge tugging at them it brings up powerful, primordial feelings. Feelings they didn’t even know existed or lay dormant within them.

So, can 12 words really hold that much meaning?

Here’s my experience.

How I used it to change my life forever

There was a man I liked at work, who I had been watching from afar for a long time now.

Given my history of relationships, I was far too nervous to pursue one with him.

After all, once it ended flat like all my past relationships (or attempts at), that would just make things awkward in the workplace. That wasn’t something I wanted for either of us.

But, reading through “His Secret Obsession” and learning about the 12-word text, I felt my confidence growing and decided to bite the bullet and do it.

I started by asking him out, and sure enough, he said yes!

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who has been harboring these silent feelings.

I let the beginning of the relationship play out like normal, and once I hit the point where all my previous relationships started to get rocky and fizzle out, I pulled out the 12-word text.

It took our relationship to the next level. Instead of fizzling out like normal, he was suddenly ready for the next level of commitment.

I honestly couldn’t believe it. This was an area my relationships had never been to before. The dates started ramping up and he wanted to spend more and more time with me.

Before long, he was asking me to move in with him. 

And the key was: triggering his hero instinct.

Now, sending one text didn’t change everything by itself. But it did kickstart an improvement in our relationship, and along with the other tips I learnt in His Secret Obsession, I was able to keep our relationship strong and healthy.

And my man completely satisfied with what he was getting out of our relationship. 

More ways to trigger the hero instinct in your man

Understanding the hero instinct gave my relationship the kickstart it needed to succeed. Here are some of the tips I used to trigger his hero instinct.

1) Ask for help

This was something I had always avoided in past relationships. I didn’t want him to feel like I needed him in my life.

With my new man, I did exactly just this.

Now let me tell you, asking for help isn’t something that comes easily for me!

I started off small.

Being in the same workplace together made this easy. I would share when I’d had a bad day and ask for his advice on dealing with certain people in our office.

Once our relationship grew, I invited him into my home and asked him to fix some peeling paint on my wall. Something that once upon a time, I was all too happy to do on my own.

It seemed the more help I asked for, the more he felt drawn to me. I could feel his hero instinct being triggered.

2) Appreciating the little things

Knowing the right words and phrases to whisper into his ear and let him know how much you appreciate the things he does was a game-changer in my relationship.

This is where the 12-word text came into the equation and it was revolutionary.

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3) Encouraging him and supporting his dreams

After dating for a while and knowing our relationship was going somewhere, we made the decision that we shouldn’t work together anymore. It was best for our relationship.

My man was getting restless already in his job and was ready to take the next step in his career.

I got right behind him and supported him.

I made sure he didn’t feel pressured or rushed to find a new job and was always there to lend a listening ear if he found any potential jobs that he wanted to apply for.

Of course, I was also there for him at the end to celebrate his success when he landed the perfect job for him! I was so proud and made sure to let him know exactly how I felt.

4) Let him know he made me happy

This part was easy. After all, I had never been in a loving relationship before.

But the important part was making sure I voiced this and let my man know exactly how I felt. No more keeping it bottled up.

Turns out, words mean so much.

It lets him know that all his efforts haven’t being wasted. That you appreciate them and they are making you happy.

Get started today

What are you waiting for, it’s time to get started today and take your relationship to that next level.

The truth is, every woman can benefit from the hero instinct. Whether you are at the start of your relationship, in a committed relationship, or simply looking for a man. This instinct is for you. And I am living proof that it works.

For me, it all came down to that 12-word text that pushed my relationship to that next level.

It stopped it from fizzling out like all my past relationships and was just the boost I needed.

So, if you want to know more about these 12 words that are utterly and completely life-changing, then click here.

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