9 meanings of being a sensitive in the spiritual world

What does it mean to be a sensitive in the spiritual world?

In this article I’ll take a look and guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of being a sensitive. 

Let’s get started… 

1) You feel much more than most

The first of the top meanings of being a sensitive in the spiritual world is that you feel much more than most. 

Think of this like a radio with a very strong antenna. 

You pick up a lot of signals and not all of these are pleasing or coherent signals. 

Being a sensitive means that if you don’t take steps to guard your energy, you take in a lot of outside signals, both pleasant and unpleasant. 

Your antenna is sensitive and powerful, and whereas others may not even pick up on negative or positive vibes from a partner or friend, you can feel them coming a mile away. 

You keenly feel emotions and energies others are putting out.

You feel the atmosphere and mood of a restaurant or bar, even before walking in…

You feel strange, almost crackling tension before a major world event or disaster…

You can tell when somebody you love or are related to by blood is in crisis or danger. 

Being a sensitive comes with unique blessings and burdens. 

For one thing, being a sensitive saddles you with a lot of responsibility, because you can’t play dumb. 

You notice much more than most, and repressing it won’t work. 

You need to decide what to do with it. 

2) You pick up vibes others don’t pick up

As I’ve hinted at in the first point, being a sensitive in the spiritual world means you pick up vibes others don’t pick up. 

You’re the one person who realizes somebody is a con man or psychopath while your friends still think he’s a great guy…

You’re the person who feel that a major shift is coming in the world while others are out just enjoying the sunshine…

You’re the one who can feel physical illness or mental illness in those you meet, and can also feel it springing up in yourself, long before the first actual symptoms arise. 

This kind of sensitivity can be especially acute when you are in times of transition in your life or going through a period of crisis. 

Similarly, when somebody else is in a period of transition or crisis you can feel it. 

It’s like the vibes of everything around you and inside you are turned up to 11, and you just want to dial it all back down.

But you don’t really have that option. 

What you can do, however, is take measures to protect yourself

3) You need to protect yourself 

One of the important meanings of being a sensitive in the spiritual world is that you need to protect yourself and guard your energy and your sensitivity. 

If you head into the world full tilt without any precautions, you can end up getting quite injured and overexposed. 

It’s vital to trust yourself and stay away from giving out too much energy. 

Meditate and pray, ensuring you have spiritual protection, and don’t wander too easily into places or situations that could spiritually wound you. 

It’s especially vital to remove yourself from toxic relationships or connections which may be harming you and damaging you at a deeper level. 

As Detroit Paranormal Expeditions writes

“As a sensitive, I have had to learn to trust myself and protect myself accordingly. 

It is so important, sensitive or not, to protect yourself, mind body and spirit.”

4) Sensitives also have to deal with apathy 

Another of the things that it means to be a sensitive in the spiritual world is that you tend to cycle between being overwhelmed by people’s energies or underwhelmed. 

While this may sound like a contradiction, it’s actually fairly simple. 

People who are exuding high energies in a euphoric, sad or angry direction tend to penetrate your defenses and you register them right away 

But people who are putting out not much at all can also tire you out. 

That’s because a sensitive is made for a balance between time alone and space, as well as interaction.

If you’re a sensitive in a huge crowd, you may feel overwhelmed by all the emotions and energy. 

But if you’re a sensitive around people who are very apathetic or uninspired or…really without any strong emotions or spiritual states, you may also feel distressed. 

The fact is that when you are around stagnant or apathetic energy you may become depressed or saddened. 

The key is to find a balance of those people and places which spark your energy and inspiration without overwhelming it. 

Being a sensitive means that while you can protect the energy you give out and somewhat filter the energy you take in, you can’t choose to just ignore your gifts and sensitivities. 

For that reason, you do need to remain cautious… 

5) You’re at risk of being misled by certain people

A sensitive tends to have high emotional intelligence and empathy

This can go too far in terms of taking on the problems of others as their own or getting stuck in codependent relationships and connections. 

It can also manifest in a sensitive being led down the wrong paths and being seduced into toxic spirituality.

Toxic spirituality is basically a fake form of spirituality that’s turned out to be very profitable and is being slung by New Age gurus from Bali to Austin. 

Many of the teachings revolved around “Law of Attraction” style teachings and urge people to be more positive if they want a better life.

For a sensitive, this sounds very tempting! 

After all, what could be more refreshing than just only being around positive vibes and making yourself into a beacon of positivity?

Well, as the shaman Rudá Iandê discusses in his free masterclass on how to Free Your Mind, staying positive all the time is actually inauthentic and spiritually damaging. 

Rudá himself went through years of following down the rabbit hole of New Age spirituality, only to realize that it was leading him away from his true self and spiritual growth. 

When we’re overly focused on seeing the bright side, we miss out on half of life, and we actually lose out on some vital opportunities. 

The truth is that as a sensitive you need to be especially cautious about spiritual teachings that seem too good to be true or just promise all good things to you.

That’s not how life works! And real spirituality is so much more empowering and deep.

Check out Rudá’s free video here

6) You can have a struggle finding love that works

Many of us have some struggle in finding love that works and making romance blossom. 

But one of the hardest meanings of being a sensitive in the spiritual world is that finding good love is even tougher. 

The reason is generally that a sensitive has:

  • A very well functioning ability to tell if someone is lying
  • Very little tolerance for those who lie to themselves or others
  • A sensitivity to negative or manipulative emotions
  • Strong self-awareness of how they really feel and what’s right for them. 

As such, the sensitive doesn’t just marry the first person who comes along. 

Or if they do, they generally tend to have some struggles in that marriage. 

The sensitive can only really fall in love when it’s somebody they truly trust and have deep feelings for. 

When these emotions aren’t reciprocated or are later betrayed or stop, it’s extremely hurtful, because the sensitive can feel all those shifting energies.

The sensitive also knows the kind of genuine love that was possible, and feels its loss or difficulties even more keenly. 

7) But once you give your heart, you give it for real

On the upside, a sensitive who gives his or her heart, gives it for real. 

The rule is always quality over quantity. 

Because a sensitive has so much to give and share, but can also be hurt and overwhelmed easily, relationships can make a huge difference in how their life will go. 

If you’re a sensitive in the spiritual world, it’s important to watch who you give your trust and affection to. 

Being an empath and a spiritually connected individual is wonderful, but as I mentioned earlier, it can leave some places of vulnerability.

This is why it’s crucial to always keep a sense of self-worth that’s not just dependent on others or on what a lover or partner says to you and how they treat you. 

This includes a partner who is extremely caring and kind: while this is wonderful, it is not something a sensitive should take as a validation or endless confirmation. 

That’s because a sensitive must maintain an inner sense of self worth and stability that doesn’t depend on anyone else in order that they can share their wisdom and love from a non-codependent and non-needy place. 

8) You have a deep need for a career that aligns with your values 

subtle signs youre smarter than you think 9 meanings of being a sensitive in the spiritual world

In the career sphere, a sensitive has a deep need for a career that aligns with his or her values. 

We can’t always pick our job and developing the career we dream of takes time, determination and doesn’t always happen how we’d like. 

But to the best of their ability, the sensitive seeks a job that resonates with their soul. 

If you’re a sensitive, you’ve likely already experienced numerous jobs that didn’t work out for no obvious outer reason. 

The pay was decent, your coworkers were pleasant enough, and maybe the work was even decently interesting. 

But you felt something missing in the job and the energy of the place. 

It felt empty, or lacking in vitality, somehow, and a certain depression and ennui grew inside you. 

Eventually, you reached a kind of breaking point and had to move on from various jobs which simply weren’t aligned with who you are and what matters to me. 

This may even look spoiled to outside observers, but for a sensitive it’s spiritually necessary to leave behind devoting his or her time to pursuits which don’t resonate at a deeper level, and that includes in the work sphere.

9) You seek your purpose in life and help others find it as well

One of the biggest meanings of being a sensitive in the spiritual world is that finding and living your purpose is essential to you. 

It’s like oxygen or water. You have no choice but to find what you’re here for and pursue it in some way.

Even if your purpose and mission in life doesn’t end up being your career, it ends up playing a central role in your life and in giving you inspiration and energy for everything that comes your way. 

As a sensitive, you also tend to have a strong talent for helping others find their way in life and find their purpose. 

You help others find what resonates with them and find their purpose in an authentic and empowering way. 

This is something you’re well skilled at because of your sensitivity to their energy and inner life.

So you’re a sensitive…what now? 

Being a sensitive can be both a blessing and a burden, as I said earlier. 

Being more attuned to the energies and emotions around you and inside you can be overwhelming, but it can also provide unique opportunities, relationships and connections that others miss out on. 

Being a sensitive isn’t a choice.

What you do with being a sensitive is a choice. 

It’s imperative that you protect your energy and don’t open up too easily to absorb all the energy and sorrows of others, but it’s also advisable to open up to your gifts and learn how to use them. 

Becoming a lightworker or somebody who works with energy in some way is one way to go about this, as is being a person who others can turn to and depend on who has a special place in everyone’s life. 

In the end, being a sensitive gives you enormous potential.

If you can free your mind and choose wisely about how to use your gifts, the world is your oyster. 


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