What if all I want is a mediocre life?

Mediocrity is appalling to many people. But what if it’s the life you want to live?

A slow, easy and calm life makes you happy. Isn’t that enough?

What if you are happy with the simple things you have?

What if you don’t like to compete?

What if you don’t like to “go big”?

What if you are happy just the way you are?

Today’s society is powered by consumerism where everything needs to be acquired. Everything needs to be achieved or else you are frowned upon.


Look at the children who start school as early as five years old and no longer have a fun childhood anymore.

Notice the adults who strive to be at the top just to be considered successful. Their relationships suffer because they are not there when needed.

What if you became aware of how fast-paced the world is and you decided you want to stop and enjoy life?

Whatever makes you happy, I think that is enough.

So, if you:

…just want to become a mom, sister, and wife – that’s enough!

Do not underestimate the power of being a mom, sister, and wife. A study was published at Cornell University stating that being a woman is more straining, especially when you are a mom. Juggling between being a wife and mother to your kids is not easy, but look at you doing it so well.

If you are a mom, a sister or a wife reading this, you deserve recognition. Your love for your family is enough to make an impact on their lives.

…just offer small gifts – that’s enough!

Most of the time, the limelight is focused on those who give billions of dollars to charity like Bill Gates. But there are also people who simply give food to beggars or rescue helpless animals. Those are enough to restore faith in humanity.

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…just write what you think – that’s enough!

It is not how many bestselling books you publish but how many you inspire.

If you just write to express your thoughts and encourage everyone who is reading to love themselves, it’s more than enough.

…just don’t conform to the society’s view of being sexy and beautiful – you’re enough!

Today’s society is programmed to think that being sexy means a tiny waist, rock-hard abs, or clear skin. But if you embrace who you are, that’s enough. Being beautiful is beyond what the eyes can see. Accepting who you are and loving yourself is the new sexy.

…just have a humble home – it is enough!

Not everyone can afford to live in a mansion or create a Pinterest-worthy house. If you don’t like decorating and fancy things, your humble home is enough.


It is enough to keep your family safe, see them enjoy good food and create special memories. As they say, it is not the place but the people that make something memorable.

…just enjoy a simple life – that is enough!

What if you don’t have a go-getter attitude and just enjoy a slow-paced life of calmness? That’s enough.

If you are not cut out for the busyness of this society, it is okay to be different. It is enough to need solitude and calm if that means being healthy physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes, we chase a lot of things in this life but forget to truly enjoy it.

…just want a happy marriage – that is enough!

If all you want is a happy marriage – with or without kids, then that is enough.

Even without following what the experts define as the secrets to having a successful marriage, it’s enough.

It’s enough to just live happily as a couple and work hard for your marriage. Your marriage will always be good enough.


…just accept your limitations – YOU ARE ENOUGH!

What if you are totally aware of your imperfections? And instead of getting frustrated, you fully embrace your limitations?

If others see living a quiet life as mediocrity, then let it be.

Because accepting your flaws means being aware that nobody is perfect.

And just being who you are is enough.

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Written by Jude Paler

I am a poet with a positive outlook in life and a writer with a purpose in mind. I write to express my thoughts so that others will be inspired.

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