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What does the new story of interbeing mean to you?

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We are incarnates of the new story regenerating and reweaving itself into being.

Reconnecting within ourselves, each other and this beautiful planet with all of its mystery and wisdom.

Each level of complexity brings with it new synergies and understandings.

This is the unfurling of the next mythOS, our new mythic operating system enabling us the wherewithal to continue co-conjuring this epic journey.

We are the transitionals. Charting course, discovering the metaphor may be the map and or the territory.

As we immerse ourselves into this collective reality, this emergence of mind, we evolve towards the creation of a new narrative.

It has become evident as we wrestle with the old story that it no longer serves us. The old story of separation seeks its antidote in each of us.


This is the new story.

A story from time immemorial.

An ancient story for today’s context and tomorrow’s test of time.

The gift of interbeing.

This new story is not something you or I are in control of, nor can we take authorship for.

Yet we can participate in culling our voices, each unique, creating a chorus that will carry regardless if we take a moment to sit quietly, breathe, recuperate.

The new story will come from the #senseof community and place.

The new story is about living the questions together.

It is about hope, vision and empathy.

A story about syntropy.

About the great turning.

It is our living legacy.

Our story.

Charles Eisenstein, author of “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible”


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