What does kambo do to your body? Everything you need to know

A ritual called Kambo is gaining popularity lately. When you are dealing with health issues that traditional medicine cannot help you with, alternatives can be a great option to explore.

If you would like to try it because you’ve heard it is beneficial, but you are not sure what Kambo does to your body, keep reading!

What is it?

Kambo originates from South America. It refers to the process of using the secretion from the giant frog that can be found in the Amazonian forest.

The secretion is poisonous and the frog excretes it when it feels threatened in any way. The tribes have been using it for many years to boost their skills before going hunting.

There is information about it that goes back almost a century ago, ever since 1925. The purpose behind the ritual is cleansing and detoxing in every sense of the word.

Thanks to the numerous bioactive ingredients, it can cause various effects on the body. It is not scientifically proven that it has effects on the illnesses many people choose to treat with it, but the experiences of people inspire new ones to come.

What does it involve?

Before the actual ritual starts, you will need to prepare your body by drinking plenty of water at least a week before. On the day of the ritual, you should drink at least four glasses of water or cassava soup, whichever you are in the mood for.

The shaman performs the ritual and explains how it will be done. He will make tiny burns on your skin that look like dots.

He will do it with timber. You can choose the place on your body where you want it to be done.

People usually pick the upper arm or an ankle. It depends on your pain tolerance, even though the pain is not too strong.

He will make up to five dots and then put the secretion on every dot. Since every dot is a small wound, the secretion will be absorbed into the body faster.

After a while, you will start noticing various symptoms.

How does it last?

The ritual itself is very short. It usually lasts a few minutes, but the effects after it can last longer.

The first effects are usually warmth and nausea. You will be given a bucket where you can vomit and detox your body from all the impurities.

If you suddenly notice that your face and throat are swollen, it is completely normal. Trust the process.

All the effects will decrease and stop after half an hour, but they can last up to a few hours in total. You will probably feel scared at some point.

Look at it as a spiritual cleanse as well. Face the fear and look at it as training of your willpower as well.

What is the purpose?

The poison has twelve peptides that can be very beneficial for the human body. Each one has a different effect.

Potential benefits of engaging in a Kambo ritual are reduced inflammation, decreased production of cancer cells in our bodies, better immune response in fighting germs and microorganisms that can impact our natural balance, and many others.

However, that is not all. There is a belief that we all have something called Panema.

It is something like a cloud full of negative energy that increases over time. It is believed that it causes various problems in our lives such as laziness, irritation, or misfortune.

Since Kambo causes a state similar to the one when we have a fever, it initiates a powerful cleaning of the body, mind, and spirit.

People who have experienced it say that their composure is better after it and their emotional stability is much greater. Introducing poison to your body will help you face your fears and meet your inner demons.

Anger may be one of the emotions that will appear, which can lead to feeling more compassionate and courageous to live your life the way you truly desire.

What can you expect?

Kambo Frog Medicine 1296x728 header 1296x728 1 What does kambo do to your body? Everything you need to know

Your body may react with increased heart rate to this poison and you can even experience diarrhea. Also, small burns may leave a scar.

The good thing about it is that it looks really cool, just like a tattoo, so if you are into body art, this can be a truly great addition.

Other than that, there is a belief that the ritual can:

  • Bring good fortune to you
  • Improve endurance
  • Help you improve your overall health
  • Get rid of the negative energy

Some people believe that illnesses such as depression and cancer can be treated with the Kambo ritual, but there are no medical studies yet that can confirm these claims.

People who have tried it report increased energy levels and the overall sense of being free from the burdens of pain and negativity. Some report that it helped them defeat anxiety and depression.

Cancer patients turn to Kambo when all the other alternatives fail them. Even though it is still an unresearched area, there is certainly something going on there.

People have been treating themselves with all kinds of things from nature before modern medicine got established. It turns out that people are going back to the roots.

We all go back to nature to cure us, heal us and release us from the chains of stress we face on a daily basis. This may be the reason why is Kambo so popular lately.

The positive effects of the Kambo ritual may last up to a few months after it. After you clean your chakras and feel ready to be more open to the world in general, you may want to do it again.

This leads us to the next question.

How often can you do it?

Depending on your overall health condition, the recommendations can vary. If you are not sure if your body will react to it properly, you can ask for a piece of advice from your doctor.

So far, the practice and recommendations from experienced practitioners are up to 12 times a year. However, some shamans will perform three rituals in a very short period one after another.

The reason why they decide to do it like this is to initiate better results with cleansing. Be careful and try not to go overboard because putting so much pressure on your body can cause side effects.

Start slowly and give your body a chance to build a proper response.

The risks of going through it

Before you actually do it, you must get familiar with the risks. Keep both benefits and risks in mind before making an informed decision.

Possible complications of going through the Kambo ritual are:

  • Convulsions
  • Dehydration
  • Spasms

If you are at the risk of developing blood clots, stroke or you struggle with cardiovascular conditions or very low blood pressure, you should think twice. These conditions increase the possibility of developing serious consequences, even heart failure.

Pregnant women or the ones breastfeeding shouldn’t consider going through it.

These complications occur rarely and in most cases, people who experience them suffered from a health condition they didn’t know about.

The ways to reduce the risks of negative effects

There are things you can do to make sure that the effects you will feel after the ritual are positive. You can do your best to prepare for it.

This may involve going for a health checkup, so can actually understand better what are you dealing with. Talk to your doctor, so you can hear his opinion and advice.

After you do this, you will have a clearer picture in your head about the condition your body is in. If you are taking any medication, you should know that the combination of them with the Kambo secretion can cause issues.

Make sure you choose a reputable practitioner who is familiar with the entire process and all the after-effects you can feel. You may be wondering now who else could possibly be performing it.

However, you should keep in mind that with increased popularity goes also the possibility of abuse. The ritual is not exactly cheap, so make sure you know for sure who you are giving your money to.

Going to an untrusted person significantly increases the risks of complications, so do your research. Ask for recommendations to stay on the safe side.

Prepare your body with drinking water, having rest a few days before the ritual, so you can be sure that the results you will feel are the best ones possible.

A few ways to prepare for it

If you wish to maximize the effects of this ritual and reach new levels of consciousness, you can follow a special diet prior to it.

Reduce or stop consuming meat a week before engaging in a ritual. Turn to vegetables as they are more nutritious and can refresh your body completely.

Stay away from alcohol since it can cloud your judgment and weaken your will to go through this challenging process.

If you are a smoker, try to at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke a day. If possible, quit entirely.

Reduce the salt and sugar intake just so you can help your body go into its normal state without being too stimulated. It is a known fact that too much can cause health issues.

Give your body a chance to reach balance and heal.

The experience is not a walk in the park

Using poison on purpose is for most people very strange idea, to say the least. If you are not exactly a fan of intense bodily sensations, you should probably think twice.

The best thing you can say to yourself is that it will pass, but before it is over be ready to feel like a balloon. If your curiosity pushes you to new things, give it a try.

You will vomit everything you have in your system and in a very short time, so get ready for it. Imagine that you are vomiting your fear, all the negative emotions, and your bad luck.

That will surely be a good motivation to persevere and wait for the good effects to kick in.

Where can you get it?

pexels juan mendez 3076431 1 What does kambo do to your body? Everything you need to know

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go to the Amazon forest to catch the frog and do it. There are certified practitioners in the US and UK, so you don’t have to go far from home to go through it.

Of course, if you can go to the rainforest, even better. The change of the environment can impact the process for the better as you will feel the serenity.

Going far from home can have benefits sometimes. You can clear your mind listening to the sounds of the forest and all the animals living there.

Choose the option you are more open to. Either way is fine.

Is this process jeopardizing the frogs?

You can hear animal rights activists talking against this ritual because the secretion is taken after the frogs are endangered. However, you can be sure that the frogs are fine.

They continue to live happily after they are released, so no harm is done to them in any way. Think of it as cooperation between the human and the animal world.

We take something to improve our health and then we try not to harm anyone with it, the frogs are released back to their home.

Final thoughts

The popularity of Kambo is on the rise. The positive experiences of people who have gone through it are a reason enough for most people to try it.

There is certainly something exotic and attractive about it. In order to get the most of it, think about all the pros and cons and give your body the time to prepare.

After you make your decision, try to get the most of it. Cleanse your body and your spirit, so you can reach new heights in life!

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