14 real reasons married woman are attracted to other men (complete guide)

It’s hard to know what to do when your wife is attracted to other men.

It might be something you’ve been struggling with for a long time, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

The world around us has changed, and gender norms are starting to blur.

There are many reasons why a woman might be attracted to someone else besides her husband.

In this article, we will explore the 14 most common reasons that married women are attracted to other men.

You’ll also get tips on how you can help soothe your wife’s pain while strengthening your marriage at the same time.

1) Her husband’s not giving her the attention she needs.

When a woman is married, she often finds herself lacking attention from her husband. It is usually emotional, so most women think of alternatives to finding emotional support.

Let’s be honest. Most women want to be treated like princesses, but that’s not always possible.

As a result, a woman is more likely to seek out affection from other men before her husband can provide it.

These emotional needs can be met with a number of different companions.

There is only so much emotional support that a woman can need.

The answer is sometimes a little more than she is looking for. At times this need for emotional attention may push the boundaries of emotional support and move into an affair.

If she doesn’t feel the way that she wants to in her marriage, it’s best to be able to move on without feeling too guilty.

2) She’s overwhelmed by others’ needs.

A woman can feel overwhelmed when her husband has needs that she knows could be met by another person.

This includes emotional needs, social needs, and the needs of a child.

For instance, she might feel bad when her husband says that he needs help on a project at work.

When other men are out of town during the holidays, she might feel bad when her husband feels lonely and wants more from his family.

If you ever feel like your marriage is being drained by the needs of other people, you’re definitely not alone.

If you find that you or your partner are putting the needs of a parent, or even a friend or relative, above the needs of other people in a relationship, the feelings you have aren’t irrational or unique.

It is not irrational to find yourself feeling drained by the needs of others.

That’s why they are attracted to other men.

3) She’s lonely.

pexels timur weber 8560421 14 real reasons married woman are attracted to other men (complete guide)

A woman who feels lonely will often seek out someone who listens and offers help, attention, and affection.

This is human nature and more women are starting to learn how to channel their loneliness into something more positive.

They tend to find other men who are interesting and are able to meet their demand.

This is usually because she feels that loneliness and the need for attention and affection for herself.

So if a woman feels lonely and wants affection in her marriage, she may look for it from a different source, which is often a source outside of your marriage.


If she does not have the kind of intimacy she needs in her marriage, she will often look elsewhere.

For example, if she wants emotional connection from another source, she may go to a bar and find men who seem to care about her needs.

But there are some consequences!

She might be disappointed that the emotional connection she thought she was getting is not what she really wanted.

This can lead to emotional strain or dissatisfaction that can push her into a relationship with the wrong person.

4) Her marriage lacks intimacy.

Possibly the most dangerous problem in any marriage is a lack of intimacy. This includes physical intimacy and emotional intimacy.

Marriages that lack an emotional intimate lifestyle can lead to infidelity.

Living with someone day after day can change your perception of that person.

If you live with someone without knowing the person inside, you will think differently about him or her.

What’s more about it?

A woman needs both to feel happy and secure in her marriage.

If she is not receiving the intimacy she needs from her husband, then she may look for it elsewhere.

If this sounds familiar to you as a husband, then you might need to start working on increasing the intimacy level between you and your wife.

Often, we chase an idealized version of our partner, unknowingly setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Similarly, we may assume roles that are more about codependency than genuine love, perpetuating an unhealthy dynamic that leads to resentment over time.

I struggled with this myself, constantly trying to fit the mold of what I thought a loving partner should be.

That was until I came across Rudá Iandê’s Love and Intimacy Masterclass. Rudá, a world-renowned shaman, challenged my perceptions about love, revealing how these roles and ideals were sabotaging my own relationship.

So, if you’re looking to rekindle intimacy in your marriage, I highly recommend taking a moment to watch Rudá’s enlightening masterclass on the subject.

It’s free and could be the game-changer your relationship needs.

Click here to watch the free video.

5) She’s not enjoying sex with her partner.

When a woman is unsatisfied with the sexual experience she has in her marriage, she is more likely to find it elsewhere.

This may cause her to start cheating and seeking out sexual encounters with other men.

And they will not be disappointed by the experience they’ve started to have with the new partner.

This is because she is not receiving what she needs sexually.

She might even try to resolve the situation with her partner, but if he is unwilling to fulfill her needs, she will simply find someone who will.

That’s the reason for:

A woman who is unsatisfied with the sexual experience in her marriage might go looking elsewhere for sex.

6) She feels neglected, ignored, and underappreciated.

If a woman feels neglected, ignored, and underappreciated, she is more likely to look for affection from outside your relationship.

A woman who feels ignored and unappreciated may seek to punish her husband for not prioritizing her needs.

It’s the consequence, isn’t it?

She may even choose to have an affair with someone who does.

An affair has many aspects that make it very attractive to someone who feels neglected, ignored and underappreciated.

For the perceived reward she is often willing to overlook the risks and issues that could arise from having an affair.

7) Her husband is very critical.

For women who are critical of her husband and his behavior, there is a high chance that she would be ready to look for love somewhere else.

This is because her husband’s behavior is likely to have a predictable pattern and one that she can use to predict what he will do in any situation.

For most of the time, the person likes to do what he likes to do, with whom he likes to do it, in the usual places.

On the other hand, a little fun and excitement with someone new is just what’s needed for restlessness.

This could make her vulnerable to losing her partner or to receive criticism or negative remarks that make her feel unattractive.

Ego, shame and pride are core human emotions that women are often held back by.

There are numerous examples of women who have been ridiculed and criticized by their partners and have felt hopeless.

Her husband is one of the biggest reasons why married women are attracted to other men.

8) She’s bored.

When a wife feels bored, she’s often looking for a little variety and excitement.

She wants to hear when she gets a compliment or needs something, or the other guy offers a little excitement or simply is paying her attention.

Any of these things offers a bright spot in her rather bored and repetitive existence.

She is attracted to other men because she is bored with a husband who is not adapting to her needs.

So what does she want?

She often wants more out of life, wants to go out and do things, wants things that she couldn’t get.

Going shopping, going out to eat with the kids, or even just taking nice walks by herself just didn’t happen.

That’s what she is looking for when she gets together with other men.

But you know what’s the real reason why she’s looking for excitement and variety outside her marriage?

Chances are that she failed to figure out the real purpose in her life.

Without a clear purpose, it’s easy to seek external validation and excitement as a temporary fix to a deeper issue.

And here’s where it gets interesting: this isn’t just her problem, it’s a problem that many of us face.

I speak from experience – I found myself in a similar situation not too long ago. The boring everyday routine started to take a toll on my relationship without me even realizing this.

At first, I thought that sorting out my future would fix my relationship. I can’t tell you how many self-help gurus I listened to in order to visualize my future.

Finally, my partner suggested a masterclass by Ideapod’s co-founder Justin Brown called Finding Your Purpose.

Justin’s approach challenges the traditional wisdom about finding your purpose by visualizing a dream future. Instead, he offers practical advice to connect with what truly matters in your life right now.

My spouse and I took this course together, and it opened new doors for us, allowing us to understand our individual paths while strengthening our joint journey.

So, if you feel your wife is struggling with finding a purpose, I highly recommend doing this free masterclass together.

Trust me, Justin’s approach could change her perspective on what she really needs to focus on and this, in turn, can revive spark in your relationship as well.

Click here to access the free masterclass.

9) Her husband is domineering.

When a woman feels that her husband is domineering, she is often attracted to someone else.

Women who feel sexually exploited by their husbands are often more likely to be attracted towards other men.

She feels that other men are more spontaneous, more attentive, and more respectful.

So why is she attracted to other men?

Because she is not treated like that by other men.

She feels bored with someone who has similar needs, wants and wants to play the same ways.

On the other hand, he requires her actions and decisions to be performed in his way.

Sometimes, she may lose her desire to make decisions.

In other words, he is not letting her be independent and grown.

So that’s why she is attracted to another man.

It is not because she feels that she is not good.

But she can find someone who can feel independent in her life.

10) He doesn’t listen.

pexels pavel danilyuk 6715862 14 real reasons married woman are attracted to other men (complete guide)

When a wife feels unheard, she can become angry and desperate to hear her voice.

She feels abandoned and unable to control her environment.

She may also feel that her opinion doesn’t matter.

This makes a woman more likely to be attracted to other men who listen and make her feel heard.

A woman will also look for other men who are attracted to her.

So what is important to her?

For many women, having someone who listens and understands what she is going through is more important to her.

She is looking for an individual who listens, who understands her and is able to be an equal partner in the relationship.

Many men do not do well in supporting this need and therefore let her look for someone else.

11) Her partner is physically abusive.

In abusive relationships, such as those where physical abuse is manifest, a woman’s need for protection is increased.

When a woman finds herself in such a relationship, particularly one where she has experienced overt aggression at the hands of her partner, she feels more likely to look outside the relationship to achieve it.

So what can she do to escape this situation?

She might look for support from boyfriends or co-workers, not in a way where the latter becomes her sex partner, but as a friend who will support her and give her a safe place to stay.

The world has more than enough men out there.

If she has someone who can give her the strength and support she cannot get from her partner, she will not have a hard time getting someone that can help her.

12) She is over-tired of being responsible for everything in the house

If a woman feels responsible for everything in the house, he will start to look for someone who is not just like her nagging husband.

If she feels over-tired of being responsible for everything in the house, he will be attracted to another man.

She feels that her husband is not helping her take care of her needs and meet her needs.

What she really wants is someone who she can trust to do that.

When she meets another man, she will start to feel attracted to him because she feels that he can be a faithful and trustworthy partner.

She wants an equal partner who is capable of understanding the needs.

Sometimes she feels that her husband does not do enough to be a good husband.

13) She does not find her partner attractive.

A wife who does not feel attracted to her husband is often attracted to another man who can make her feel loved or sexually desire.

So what does she want?

She wants another man who can make her feel loved, shared, and cared for.

This makes her feel like she does not have to look for him, she does not need to do anything to be attracted to him, but he just needs to be there and be there for her.

When a woman is not attracted to her male partner, she is more likely to look for someone else because her partner does not make her feel beautiful.

So why?

It could be because other men make her feel very special, and her partner doesn’t.

Maybe she tends to feel connected with someone who does not look like her husband, or someone who does things she does not feel like her husband.

Maybe he is busy with his career and does not have time for her.

Or maybe he has a body that she doesn’t find attractive, such as a little overweight.

But mostly, it is the feeling that her partner does not make her feel beautiful again.

She wants someone who makes her feel that way.

This makes her more attracted to other men.

14) Her partner is addicted to drugs.

Women who have partners who are addicted to drugs and alcohol feel.

They may feel controlled by the addictive desires of their partners, or by their addiction.

They may feel that their partners are no longer the men they used to be.

She feels that he has changed forever.

He just changed into someone she doesn’t know.

It’s like he is a different person.

And it could be a real drastic change. He has lost his interest in other people.

In the outside world, he does not even have time for her.

So she spends a lot of time thinking about finding someone to make her feel better about herself.

She finds herself attracted to other men.

She wants to be treated with respect, valued and loved.

She might just feel more confident when she meets another man.

She looks for someone who can make her feel that she matters.

She wants someone who will make her feel important.

Final thoughts

There are times when a woman is attracted to other men because it is fun to do.

It is a leisure activity that is not really designed to be something more.

However, if the woman finds herself bored in her relationship, because her husband is someone who does not make her feel special.

And if he has a lot of problems that interfere with their love life, she is more likely to look for another partner because she wants someone to teach her to feel good about herself again.

A woman can also make another man attracted to him because her husband does not make her feel good about herself.

It is an opportunity to have several men in her life who treat her differently and in more enjoyable ways.

In short, there are many reasons why a married woman might feel attracted to another man.

For some women, this is something that never goes away and some women are ever happy with their husbands.

But for others, it is deep down and it is something that continues to consume them.

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