juzz and m Discover what you really want to do with your life, with Marianne Cantwell

I remember when I had the “big idea” for Ideapod.

I was doing a PhD in international politics, and Ideapod was a small side project gradually consuming more of my time and energy.

It was an extraordinarily lonely time. I felt like I had no-one to talk to. No-one to share my passion with.

I tried to share my passion for creating an idea sharing platform with my academic peers, but understandably didn’t get very far. They had papers to write. I had a website to build.

It’s drastically underestimated how lonely it is having a “big idea” to work on, especially when it begins as a side project.

That’s why we created Ideapod. We’re creating lots of difference places online where people come together to meet and discuss ideas.

For this reason, I was delighted to host a webinar with the bestselling author and viral TEDx speaker Marianne Cantwell.

We spoke “salon-style” about how you can find the right idea to build a life around. We reflected on some of the common pitfalls encountered by people who set out to turn an idea into reality.

Here’s the webinar. I hope you enjoy!