While experts fear an AI apocalypse, ChatGPT reveals 7 real-world doomsday scenario


1. Climate Change: Displacement, Extreme Weather, and Ecosystem Collapse

ChatGPT predicts catastrophic effects from climate change, including displacement, instability, and ecosystem collapse, while Noam Chomsky criticizes political failure to address these threats. 

2. Nuclear Weapons: Geopolitical Tensions and the Threat of Devastating Warfare

ChatGPT warns of nuclear weapons as a potential threat to humanity, while Harari expresses concern about their destructive power. 

3. Rise of Technology: Impact on Employment and Societal Structure

ChatGPT warned of potential disruption from automation of jobs caused by the evolution of AI and robotics, while Arundhati Roy cautioned against our technology's conflict with the world. 

4. Pandemics: The Spread of Infectious Diseases in a Globally Interconnected World

ChatGPT listed pandemics and public health crises as potential threats to humanity, including examples like influenza, Ebola, novel coronavirus, and bioterrorism-related events. 

5. Water Scarcity: A Looming Crisis with Far-Reaching Consequence

ChatGPT warned of water scarcity leading to regional conflicts, famine, and mass migrations, while Chomsky described it as a defining crisis of the 21st century. 

6. Biodiversity Loss: Disrupting the Balance of Earth’s Ecosystem

ChatGPT warned of disastrous consequences from the loss of biodiversity caused by human activities, including food shortages and industry collapse, which was also highlighted by Arundhati Roy as an unfolding catastrophe. 

7. Social Inequality: The Growing Divide Between the Rich and the Poor

ChatGPT warned that growing social inequality can erode trust in institutions, destabilize nations, and potentially lead to global conflict, which was also a concern for Yuval Harari. 

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