1. Childcare and housekeeping for free

The majority of housekeeping and unpaid work such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare falls on women, and while some men use women as cleaners or nannies, most are aware of the unbalanced workload and are content with it, but it's time to divide chores and have a talk.  

2. Relationship maintenance

Women in heterosexual relationships often have to start discussions about relationship issues but it takes two to make a team, and men who don't acknowledge problems and communicate well are generally not good romantic partners. 

3. Explanations about inequality and social justice

Women get burdened with explaining feminism and social issues to men, which can be exhausting, especially with the available resources like the internet. 

4. Manipulation and dominance

Men can manipulate women, damaging their self-esteem and making them dependent on them, seen in "situationships," so women should choose good men and not let toxic men use them. 

5. Emotional fulfillment and support

Women often fall into the trap of trying to fix "broken men" who can be manipulative and have attractive traits, but it's important to recognize that we shouldn't be fixing them and focus on our own problems. 

6. Feeding their ego

Men who have been rejected often seek attention from multiple partners using a little attention, incapable of forming deeper attachments, and letting oneself be roped in by their attention will only lead to frustration. 

7. Social status

If a man only takes you to fancy places and shows you off to others, showering you with gifts and expecting you to talk about how well he treats you, he may be using you as a trophy to flex on his friends and maintain his status. 

8. Getting over his ex

Being a rebound isn't fair to the new partner and it's unhealthy, so if you find yourself in that position, take things slow and avoid becoming a rebound for him, even if you like him a lot, and if you meet someone who just got out of a relationship, give him time or don't date him at all. 

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