7 signs you’re in a relationship with a genuinely good person


1. They’re kind to others

Kindness is a crucial quality in a relationship that shows care for others and can be demonstrated through small gestures, patience, support, and understanding during tough times, with smaller but consistent gestures often having the biggest impact. 

2. They laugh at your jokes

Laughing together, even at lame jokes, is a surefire sign that you're with a genuinely good person who finds joy in making you laugh, and can be a positive energy source that helps sustain relationships for decades, making laughter a crucial factor in relationships. 

3. They’re honest

Honesty is crucial in a relationship because it builds trust by allowing one to count on their partner's truthfulness even when it's not easy, with genuine honesty coming from the heart and involving admitting when one's wrong, calling out bad behavior, and caring about the relationship. 

4. They’re reliable

Being reliable and keeping promises are important qualities in a genuinely good person as they communicate respect and consideration, essential for harmonious relationships. 

5. They’re supportive

Being present through good and bad times and supporting their partner's dreams, even if it requires sacrifices, are important qualities in a genuinely good person, as seen through the example of the partner who encouraged pursuing a new career, offered help, and gave confidence. 

6. They’re respectful

Treating one's partner as an equal, valuing their thoughts, feelings, and boundaries, actively listening, not interrupting or dismissing their opinions, and standing up for them when needed are crucial signs of respect in a relationship that, once lost, can result in the end of the relationship. 

7. They’re effective communicators 

Effective communication, which involves being open, honest, respectful, and working together towards finding solutions to deepen connection and build a stronger relationship, is a crucial quality in a good partner who values solid communication and can meet halfway. 

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