Science shows these 6 reasons why you’re better off being single


1. You get to work on self-discovery and growth

By focusing on self-growth and exploring my own identity, I gained valuable insights and personal growth, while also acknowledging the potential limitations of constantly being in a relationship that may hinder self-reflection and the pursuit of individual truth.

2. You have more time to focus on your health

Indulging in the joys of dating, shared meals, and quality time with a partner can bring love and happiness, but research suggests that it can also contribute to weight gain, while being single allows for more time and focus on healthy habits and physical activities, leading to a generally healthier lifestyle.

3. You can learn more about your personal hobbies and interests

Being single allows for ample time to explore personal interests and try new activities, enabling self-discovery and a deeper understanding of personal preferences and how to enjoy leisure time.

4. You can put more energy into friendships

Being single offers an abundance of quality time to foster and maintain friendships, as it allows for the space to form new connections and avoid the merging of identities that can occur in a relationship, fostering genuine and fulfilling connections with others.

5. You prioritize your professional life and embrace new opportunities

Being single grants you the freedom to seize every opportunity without having to consider another person's needs or requirements, allowing you to fully focus on personal and professional growth, leading to greater fulfillment and enjoyment in your career.

6. You learn more about independence

Being single fosters self-sufficiency and encourages personal growth by pushing you to handle tasks and challenges independently, leading to increased knowledge, confidence, and the ability to take on more daunting endeavors.

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