People who feel alone in life even when surrounded by others usually display these 6 behaviors


1. Finding social situations tricky

Ever felt lost in a crowd, hesitant to speak or share, fearing judgment, but knowing that understanding this fear is the first step to overcoming loneliness in social situations?

2. Preferring me-time

Opting for quiet nights over group plans might be a sign of hidden loneliness, so consider embracing more companionship as a way to connect and overcome the feeling of being a lone wolf.

3. Getting lost in smartphone world

In 2023, the US government declared loneliness an "epidemic," emphasizing the need to recognize signs of loneliness, which can include excessive phone use in social settings where smartphones can serve as distractions from real-life human interactions.

4. Overdependence on online relationships

Excessive smartphone usage and an over-reliance on digital relationships can contribute to persistent loneliness, as these online interactions may lack the depth and authenticity of face-to-face conversations, emphasizing the importance of balance in maintaining connections.

5. Worrying about rejection

The fear of rejection in team meetings or classrooms can persist into adulthood, causing anxiety about one's ideas being dismissed and potentially leading to loneliness and isolation by creating a barrier to genuine connection and growth.

6. Escaping through substance use

When loneliness persists, people may turn to substances as a temporary escape, using them as a numbing barrier against the invisible force of isolation, often driven by a fear of not fitting in or being judged.

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