People who are truly confident never fear making these 6 mistakes


1. Being rejected after putting yourself out there

Getting rejected, whether for a job, a course, a college, or a person you're interested in, feels awful, but it's a natural part of life that can make us stronger and help us clarify our goals.

2. Something not going to plan

Confidence in oneself extends to having trust in your plans, expecting the unexpected, and persevering through setbacks with resilience.

3. Being bad at something new

There's value in being bad at something initially, as failures can pave the way for eventual success, just like Michael Jordan's experience, and truly confident individuals don't let the fear of initial setbacks deter their efforts to improve.

4. Being wrong

Being wrong sometimes is a normal part of life, and truly confident individuals don't fear expressing themselves or participating in debates, recognizing that it's the only way to learn, evolve, and live authentically.

5. Being taken advantage of

Truly confident individuals possess self-awareness, clearly defined boundaries, and the ability to assert themselves when necessary, ensuring they are not exploited or overwhelmed by others, even in challenging partnerships.

6. Making the wrong choice

Confident individuals trust their decision-making abilities, using their analytical minds to make choices and learning from any outcomes, believing that each decision contributes to their personal growth.

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