“I’m too old to…” People who are trapped by their limiting beliefs regularly use these 5 phrases


1. “I’m too old…”

Many of us mistakenly believe that our best years are behind us as we age, but examples like Rick, who plays soccer at 76, and Margaret, who went skydiving at 80, prove that age should not limit us, and attributing limitations to age is self-sabotage.

2. “I’m never going to find someone who really wants to be with me.”

The notion that there's a time limit on finding love is a common but senseless limiting belief, as people find meaningful relationships at various stages of life, and the world's vast population means there are likely compatible partners for everyone.

3. “I don’t deserve to be happy.”

I used to subscribe to the limiting belief that I was to blame for a difficult breakup, leading me to sabotage subsequent relationships, but later I realized it wasn't entirely my fault, and the breakup was actually a necessary step for both of us to find better matches.

4. “I don’t have time.”

People trapped by limiting beliefs often use the excuse of not having enough time, but it's often a matter of priorities and mismanagement rather than an actual shortage of time.

5. “I’m not good enough.”

Many of us tell ourselves we're not good enough for certain opportunities due to limiting beliefs, but rather than giving up, we can choose to learn and grow, working towards the skills and abilities required to achieve our goals.

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