If you’re a lifelong learner, you probably have these 6 habits


1. You read regularly

Reading, being the most common habit of lifelong learners, puts you in the company of individuals like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, and Elon Musk, who attribute their success to their voracious reading habits.

2. You travel 

For a lifelong learner, there is no greater satisfaction than traveling and exploring different countries, cultures, and ways of life, which provides a unique learning experience and self-discovery.

3. You exercise 

Taking care of your body through physical exercise is a crucial habit for lifelong learners, as it enhances mental health, improves memory and thinking ability, and acts as a reset button for focus and productivity.

4. You take online courses 

Taking regular online courses is a strong indication of being a lifelong learner, as it provides a diverse and interactive learning experience with multimedia elements, feedback, and access to online communities for further knowledge sharing and practical skill development.

5. You watch documentaries instead of movies

Lifelong learners prioritize documentaries over regular movies due to the wealth of knowledge and lessons offered, taking advantage of the wide availability of documentaries, including many free options, in today's digital age.

6. You listen to podcasts 

Podcasts, with their conversational format and the ability to listen to them anytime and anywhere, have become the modern equivalent of physical books, catering to lifelong learners who prefer an engaging and convenient audio learning experience over audiobooks or traditional reading.

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