If you want to boost your resilience and bounce back stronger, follow these 7 step


1. Channel your inner historian

Journey back to past triumphs as a reminder of your resilience and the strategies that led to your victories, providing valuable lessons for future challenges.

2. Tune out the 2am DJ

Celebrate past bounce-back moments and relive victorious strategies to gain insights for future resilience.

3. Put a leash on worry

Embrace a new approach to managing worry by designating specific "worry time" to confront and diminish its impact, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind throughout the day.

4. Revamp your goals

Elevate your goal-setting with the SMARTER approach, incorporating excitement and rewards to maintain motivation and passion throughout the journey.

5. Tackle the imposter monster

Imposter Syndrome, a common experience even among high-ranking individuals, can be overcome by acknowledging it as negative self-talk, confiding in a trusted person, and releasing oneself from its mental grip, as it often arises from isolation and lack of support in demanding situations.

6. Deflate the drama

Combat catastrophic thinking by recognizing its impact on anxiety and problem-solving, and consciously shift towards considering best-case scenarios, utilizing an optimistic approach to identify solutions rather than dwelling solely on the gravity of the problem.

7. Master the bounce-back (and bounce-right!)

Resilience involves not only weathering storms but also growing from them, emphasizing self-awareness, learning from oneself and others, and celebrating victories along the journey of continuous learning and personal development.

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