If you want to be respected at work, stop talking about these 5 things


1. Personal finances & salary

Sharing salary and financial goals with work colleagues, while tempting, should be avoided, as it can lead to envy, a loss of respect, and potential career consequences, and it's important to adhere to employment contract guidelines even if it seems commonplace in the office, as blending in and not making a show of going against the norm are key principles for navigating workplace dynamics.

2. Politics 

Discussing politics at work is akin to handling a potential explosion, as it can quickly lead to heated conflicts and a loss of respect, even if you have moderate political views, making it an advisable topic to avoid given the deep partisan divisions often observed, particularly in the context of US politics.

3. Office gossip 

Gossiping, a common human tendency, should especially be avoided in the workplace, as it can harm your professional reputation, erode team trust, and create a toxic environment, as emphasized by Richard Templar in "The Rules of Work."

4. Personal relationships & problems 

Experienced professionals advise against sharing excessive personal information, especially regarding romantic relationships or personal problems, at work, as it can be perceived as oversharing, negatively impacting your professional image, and potentially providing ammunition for future conflicts.

5. Religion

Religion, akin to politics, is a highly divisive and deeply personal topic best left unaddressed in professional settings to avoid potential alienation, offense, discomfort, or discrimination concerns among coworkers.

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