If you want a fulfilling relationship, say goodbye to these 5 societal misconceptions


1. Opposite personalities will eventually be in opposition

While the idea of "like attracts like" is common, some couples thrive long-term with opposite personalities, like my parents who appreciated and benefited from their differences, as it fosters growth and respect for diverse perspectives in fulfilling relationships, as noted by Lifehack writer Matt Duczeminski.

2. All you need is love

Despite the persistence of the societal belief that love conquers all, international keynote speaker Linda Larson CSP emphasizes the necessity of open and supportive communication in relationships to address issues before they become insurmountable.

3. No one wants to be with someone who is needy

John Gottman PhD, from The Gottman Institute, challenges the notion that better relationships involve complete independence, emphasizing that interdependence, where partners support each other's needs, is fundamental, with the understanding that maintaining individual independence and passions is also important.

4. Conflict can only mean that you’re in the wrong relationship 

Conflict is not a sign of being in the wrong relationship, but rather an opportunity to improve understanding and connection, according to Gottman, as it often arises from communication attempts or differing expectations and, in healthy relationships, addressing these conflicts can lead to greater connection and understanding.

5. If you need relationship counseling, then you’re already on the road to breaking up

Couples therapy is not just a last resort, as therapists like Sandra Espinoza and Harel Papikan suggest that even happy couples can benefit from it, addressing specific goals and issues, while the secret to a fulfilling relationship lies in the relationship one has with themselves, as explained by shaman Rudá Iandê.

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