If you recognize these 8 signs, you may have lived a past life


1. Vivid dreams or nightmares

The scientific understanding of dreams remains elusive, with some researchers suggesting they serve as a means for memory processing, and recurrent dreams or familiar dream figures possibly hinting at buried memories from past lives and relationships.

2. Déjà vu

That electric jolt of déjà vu, a sense of familiarity, might stem from brain glitches or buried memories, but what if it's a doorway to forgotten memories from past lives?

3. Strange memories

Our brains can generate false memories that feel vividly real, like being sent home from school for misbehavior, even if it never happened in your current lifetime, potentially hinting at memories from past lives.

4. Unexplained fears and phobias

Your inexplicable terror of large bodies of water, such as lakes or swimming pools, may hint at a past life trauma, potentially related to drowning, suggesting the need to address trauma that has endured through death and rebirth alongside healing from this lifetime.

5. Passions and talents 

If you effortlessly excel in a particular field or hobby, such as playing the violin at a young age, it could be a sign of skills carried over from a previous life, even if you recognize the peculiarity of your natural affinity.

6. Birthmarks

Birthmarks may potentially hold clues to past lives and the circumstances of past selves' deaths, with over 200 recorded cases of children reporting such correspondences between birthmarks and past wounds, although the exact reason for birthmarks remains a mystery.

7. Identifying strongly with another culture

Exploring different beliefs and cultures is encouraged, but a deep sense of familiarity in unfamiliar places might suggest a connection from a past life.

8. Inexplicable knowledge

James Leininger, a young American boy who recalled detailed memories of a World War II pilot's life shortly after his second birthday, presents a puzzling case suggesting a connection to past lives, as his knowledge of plane terminology at such a young age remains difficult to explain.

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