If you recognize these 5 signs, you desperately need a digital detox


1. You feel like social media is hijacking your brain

Working from home, constant social media notifications can hinder focus; University of Virginia researcher Zachary Irving advises strict rules, like no daytime scrolling or designated breaks, to combat distractions.

2. You’re sneaking over to social media when you’re supposed to be sleeping 

Engaging in late-night scrolling, binge-watching, or gaming can lead to "revenge bedtime procrastination," impacting sleep and overall well-being, prompting the need for healthier sleep routines, possibly with professional guidance, according to Calm experts.

3. Social media is making you socially drained 

Excessive social media use can lead to spiritual exhaustion, urging the need for genuine connections and reduced screen time to combat loneliness, anxiety, and decreased face-to-face interactions, a concern emphasized by Laura Vanderhye and Olivia Surtees.

4. Even your eyes are tired 

I often rely on my smartphone for work and communication due to its convenience, but it strains my eyes, and while I try to take breaks, it affects my efficiency, leaving me searching for a solution to reduce my dependence on it.

5. Your digital fix is making you depressed 

Excessive internet use, especially on social media, can heighten the risk of anxiety and depression, impacting social interactions, emotional regulation, and overall well-being, often necessitating treatments like therapy or medication, according to Ahmed Zayed, MD.

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