If you possess these 9 qualities, you’re an incredibly supportive partner


1. You listen attentively when your partner is speaking

To be an incredibly supportive partner, it's important to exhibit qualities like attentiveness, which includes actively listening and showing interest in all aspects of your partner's life. 

2. You celebrate their wins (and grieve their losses)

As an incredibly supportive partner, you not only celebrate your partner's achievements as your own, but also exhibit strong empathy by being there for them during tough times. 

3. You’re willing to own up to your mistakes

An incredibly supportive partner is willing to apologize for their mistakes and put their ego aside to remind their partner of their love, even if it means finding alternative ways to make up for missed events. 

4. You’re confident even if your partner disagrees with you

Being confident in asserting your identity while still being open to learning is a quality possessed by an incredibly supportive partner, allowing them to communicate well and understand their partner's perspective even in times of disagreement. 

5. You accept your partner’s strengths and weaknesses

An incredibly supportive partner accepts their partner's strengths and weaknesses without judgment, understanding that being in a relationship involves working together as a team to achieve tasks. 

6. You’re willing to make sacrifices for your partner

An incredibly supportive partner is willing to make sacrifices for their partner, such as giving up on personal preferences, to ensure the other person's happiness and enjoyment. 

7. You don’t exhibit codependent behaviour

An incredibly supportive partner avoids exhibiting codependent behavior by not making the other person responsible for their emotions or seeking validation from them. 

8. You always show your partner that you appreciate them

Being an incredibly supportive partner involves being dependable while also showing appreciation and keeping the spark alive by going out of your way to make the other person smile, based on their love language. 

9. You don’t project your expectations onto your partner

An incredibly supportive partner avoids projecting their own expectations of the perfect relationship onto their partner, sees their partner for who they are, including their weaknesses, and is focused on building a genuine relationship. 

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