If you notice these 8 signs, you’re dealing with a master manipulator


1. They play on your emotions

A master manipulator adeptly exploits your emotions to manipulate you, recognizing signs like feeling unusually emotional or pressured, and being guilt-tripped or obliged can indicate their controlling behavior.

2. They twist your words

A sign of a master manipulator is their ability to twist your words to make you doubt yourself and do what they want, as illustrated in the example of a colleague misinterpreting a concern about a project deadline.

3. They always play the victim

A master manipulator often plays the victim, using their problems to avoid responsibilities and gain sympathy, as illustrated in the example of a friend avoiding repayment of borrowed money by emphasizing their difficulties.

4. They give back-handed compliments

Master manipulators employ backhanded compliments to subtly undermine your confidence, leaving you feeling unsure about yourself, which can be a sign of their manipulative tactics to maintain control.

5. They use favors as leverage

A master manipulator tracks favors done for you and later uses them as leverage, turning acts of kindness into tools of manipulation, as seen in the example of a former roommate using past favors to elicit compliance with his requests.

6. They lie without hesitation

People who lie effortlessly and frequently, telling you what you want to hear to achieve their goals, may be manipulating you, as exemplified by a friend making false promises without remorse.

7. They make you feel guilty for no reason

Frequent feelings of guilt or being blamed for things you didn't do could be signs of manipulation by someone trying to make you feel responsible for their actions.

8. They isolate you from others

Manipulators often attempt to isolate you from friends and family, as illustrated by a close person spreading lies to turn you against your best friend, indicating a potential master manipulator.

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